What is most important in a Marriage?

Some people are in love with love. Other people are in love with what they believe the other person is like. Still some say they love for what they think they can get out of the marriage. Most people are unaware of the most important factor in marriage. Even if they know, it is likely that the couple cannot or will not follow through because it is too taxing, uninteresting, or too difficult to apply on a regular basis.

It is very simple to say. It is easy to accept. It is what can be assumed to happen anyway in the relationship.

In fact, the likelihood is that many couples would say they already know and practice what is this most important thing.

Here it is! Nothing, nothing. nothing is ever, ever, ever more important than the marital relationship. Of course, this discussion assumes that God is always number One, but in a human to human relationship these few words can carry blissful lovers over any hump and beyond any marital temptation.

Whenever a plan is devised, whenever an interference happens, whenever the future is to be considered – Nothing, nothing, nothing is ever, ever, ever is more important than the relationship. This is above relatives, careersmoney, friends, opportunities, advice, failures, disappointments, or matters that have opposite opinions.

Let’s use an example. Say that a couple knows they need to buy a car. He wants a truck. She wants a sedan. He wants a Nissan. She wants a Mazda. He wants red. She wants blue. Both have strong feelings to justify their opinion and are convinced the other is wrong. A lot of money is at stake. Time is of the essence.

Certainly nothing will be accomplished if they each dig in their heels and refuse to compromise. Should they compromise, one might feel like the victor and the other a victim of forced submission.

Now if they practiced Nothing, nothing, nothing, ever, ever, ever, the money, color or type of vehicle will be secondary to the marriage. In this way they both win. Yes, they may compromise, but it would be for a difference reason. They would not compromise because they must, but because they want to compromise.

This is so difficult to practice as an ongoing basis to submit and not because one is backed into a corner.

Herein is my challenge to all that read this blog. It can also be applied to any relationship of significance and love. Be who you want to be and present yourself as confident, self-assured, and wise since you know the real priorities in life and marriage. Just stay with it.

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