Your ideas about God may not serve you well spiritually

Let’s be honest, we call on God as a last resort. We try so many alternatives to find solutions for problems. We talked to friends, doctors, lawyers, even strangers. Each of them have their own idea about the solution to our problem. Then we go to God as a last resort. Naturally, I’m speaking of the general public not those seriously devout Christians.

Is your image of God like that kindly grandfather? Or perhaps, he is the rigid disciplinarian.

What your convictions say about God has a direct effect to your relationship with him. Some people are even afraid of God. Some people are so frustrated with the experiences they’ve had in life that they conclude there is no God. Perhaps you believe that you should placate God. In that case it would be like humoring a dangerous creature for fear he will hurt you.

The truth is Christianity is the only religion in which God reaches out to humanity.

A closer look at the Bible tells us God’s majestic, wonderful, loving, kind, and to wants to be active in every person’s life. Jesus came from heaven to die on the cross. That was the only reason he was born. He came to humanity. Often what the angel said at the birth of Christ to the shepherds is misunderstood.

They said peace on earth goodwill toward men. A closer look at the original text tells us what they were saying was the person of peace Jesus came to earth to bring peace to the hearts of every person. And God is expressing goodwill to men they would receive his efforts to establish a relationship.

Often in the Bible people said how wonderful God is; loving and kind. He wants to have humans into his spiritual family. Let’s put God first when we face difficulties and let him help us through . Let’s think differently of God that he is not some mythological person on the throne ready to intimidate humans or give humans a difficult time. It’s simple. In John 3:16 God said it all. For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son. Think how wonderful that is.

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