To ask Why is useless

Why did that happen? Why will you not do that? God, why did you allow this tragedy to happen? God, why will you not answer me?

Why is a useless question. For us to ask why and to receive the answer puts the responsibility of action back on our shoulders.

Suppose God answered our question for an event to occur or the death, illness we experience, what should we do with the answer?

Why did you step on my toe? could be followed by, “Because I don’t like you.” Now what? We have someone in our life that we suddenly discover does not like us. This then leads to further disappointment and hurt.

A better question for us to ask people, God, or ourselves is “How, What, When, Where?”

How will we deal with a person that constantly disappoints us? What are we missing in a certain relationship that would make it better?

For us it does not matter why the person does it. The person just does it and it is up to us to decide how to deal with it; or when shall we take a step about it; or what is our plan to deal with it. When shall we put our decision into place? So, to ask Why gets us no where.

In the same way that is true of asking why to God. The big difference, however, is that God is All powerful; All knowing; All mighty. And He knows us better than we know ourselves. He is loving, but also just. He has a plan for our lives and seeks to guide us in a certain direction.

A better response to a problem in a spiritual arena is to ask ourselves How can we get close to God or What in our life is He trying to teach us or use us. Or When will we fully surrender to God’s divine will?

Whatever the concern with man or God is to ask How, What, When, Where because they teach us and strengthen us. Why is a circular question that takes us nowhere and puts more burden on our shoulders.

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