What would you do if you knew God planned for you to have a miserable life?

How do we reconcile that God is loving and kind, but we have evidence that He planned for a person to have a terrible life? How can God show His mercy when someone has a difficult path ahead?

What if God telephoned you and said that He wanted you to be blind or crippled? In the days of Jesus such an affliction was accompanied by poverty and shame. Would you be willing to say, “OK, God whatever you want?” Would you be willing to submit your life to misery just so that God had His way as part of a plan? What would come first? Your happiness or God’s plan.

It would take a lot of faith to submit to God for your life to be designed against you. It would even take more faith to remain true to God and not know or understand why you are having such a tough time.

One day Jesus and his disciples were walking through the land and came across such a man. The disciples asked what seemed to be a ridiculous question. They wanted to know if he or his parents sinned to cause him to be born in this condition. How could the man have sinned before he was born? What sin of his parents would curse their son?

Jesus did not correct the disciples for how off the wall were their comments. Instead, Jesus said that the man bore his affliction so that God would be glorified. In other words, the man had one main purpose in life and that was to be in the path of Jesus so that he would be healed as an adult and bring glory to God. What an honor, yet what a profound assignment! (John chapter 9).

Even more profound was that a close friend of Jesus died and Lazarus’ sisters asked why Jesus delayed in coming. They thought that if Jesus came earlier He could heal Lazarus. In the same way as the blind man, Jesus replied that death claimed their brother so that God would be gloried byJesus cauji

If only we could be so submitted to God that whatever happens in life we use it in a positive way as a testimonty to God’s greatness. Our illness or tragedy or situation in life can be one in which we have joy and peace, not from a great life well lived, but a closeness to God that we rejoice that God has given us salvation, an eternial destiny with him, and a daily walk that is an example of deep faith.

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