Is Christianity responsible for more wars, deaths, and heartache than any other cause?

it is a historical fact that many leaders of the world have claimed to be Christians and done things which are seemingly not Christian. This brings to the question for what is right and wrong. It also brings us to an individual’s standing with God. We are not to be judges, but we can be fruit inspectors

There is a difference between an individual ‘s claim and what is fact. The Bible says that faith without works is dead. The works expected in that scripture are good works, not evil. Jesus said if you love me you will love one another. He also said by your love the world will know you are my disciples. This matter includes everything from the Scriptures admonition to be kind one to another to that of obeying the 10 Commandments. It is Jesus’ further admonition that believers observe another person’s fruit whether it be good or bad.

On this scriptural basis a line should be drawn between those who say they are Christian and those who are truly not. Some of the worst serial killers have had a so-called religious experience. Sometimes they would say God told me to do this. Evil done in the name of God is evil done for Satan. Since Jesus said we cannot serve two masters at the same time, then a result of that service will demonstrate which one of them the person is serving.

It does not matter what a person claims whether it be a Pope from the 1300s, a minister or a current day serial killer. If it is done in a godly manner than it is Christian. If it is done in an ungodly manner it is not Christian, no matter what the person says and no matter what position that person holds. Judas thought he was doing the right by betraying Jesus. Yes, he was paid 30 pieces of silver, but he initially approached the high priest with the intention of forcing Jesus to demonstrate his powers and take the position as a king of the world. That backfired and Judas hung himself.

Evil is as evil does. To cause some harm is not Christian. To cause other people to do harm is not Christian. Hundreds of years ago there was a march of children initiated to retake the holy land from the Muslims. Common sense says they were marching into a death trap. Common sense also says that the dictates to do it did not originate from Christian principles.

Jesus did not initiate revenge against those who murdered him, and it certainly stands to reason that those who are true Christians will not initiate evil acts. So, the answer to this is not what people claim, but the results of what they do. This means that all the evil and death in war that was caused in the name Christianity was not Christian. This means the people responsible were not Christian, otherwise they would seek to do good and not harm. The simple fact is that if I call myself a fish that does not mean I am a fish.

The lesson for all of us is- if we claim to be Christians, we must do good works which cannot be called into question. We must bring honor and glory to God by our works. We must show our relationship with Christ by the humble and loving expression of his Holy Spirit abiding in us. Jesus even said to turn the other cheek when we have been struck. That means to understand that there are people who would do harm and it is not our responsibility to do harm back to them. Another Scripture says a soft answer turns away wrath. We are to be stable, unmovable, and steady in our faith. We are to always remember we are representatives of God in this world. The old saying that was years ago is still appropriate, “what would Jesus do?”

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