We are alone

We may be in a meeting with 12 other people. We may be at a shopping mall with several hundred people. We may be in New York City New Year’s Eve with thousands of people. We may be in bed with our spouse.

There are more occasions in which we are alone:

When we sleep, we are alone, no one goes to sleep within us. They may be next to us, but they are not with us. As our mind works and our body functions, in our sleep we are alone.

Should we be injured or ill, the pain or discomfort is only felt by us, we are alone in that pain and hurt. Someone may say they empathize. Someone may have had a similar experience. What we currently experience is our own and no one is with us.

We are alone in our hunger. No one can feel our hunger pains or thirst pains in our behalf. They may be hungry or thirsty also, but they are alone in their own experience while we do it together.

We may be experiencing emotions: fear, anger, affection, etc. We are experiencing those emotions by ourselves. No one is inside of us to project those emotions. They may be projecting similar or even different emotions at the same time. But we are alone in our experiencing of emotions.

Our goals, plans, ideas, and hopes are all our own. They may be shared with others or affected by how others express them. Therefore, we may change our minds. But we are alone in our thoughts whether we change them or not.

Likewise, the most significant and important time we are long is when we stand before the Almighty God and give account for how we lived our lives. Did we accept his son as our Savior? We stand alone to give our answers that will determine our eternal destiny.

What will you say to God when you stand alone before him?

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