Bible Study for Joshua 5

•             It is interesting that in Joshua chapter 5 verse one that all the kings in the area were fearful when the Israelites came into the promised land. Here we have a picture God’s people being obedient to him and a great result in their favor.

•             Since those who came into the promised land were second-generation Israelites, they were not obedient in circumcision. Therefore, the next step after coming into the promised land was for all the men of the nation to experience circumcision as a pledge in obedience and honor to God.

•             In verse eight every man remained in his camp until he was whole or healed. There may be times in which we experience obedience but must also experience a cost and a new healing for future service to God.

•             Verse 12 says that the manner God provided from heaven for their food ceased. This is an important point because God does not provide for us when we can solve a problem ourselves. God provided a new means for food and that was what was in the land already available. No miracle was necessary any further. Sometimes we make a mistake expecting God to work a miracle when we can solve her own problems.

•             From verse 13 to 15 is the record of Joshua encountering the captain of the host of the Lord. This very likely could be an Old Testament revelation of Jesus before his New Testament incarnation. This experience is much like what Moses had at the burning bush. Scripture says that this occurred when Joshua was near Jericho. That city was the first for the Israelites to conquer. However, before the Victory could occur Joshua needed to worship and hear the word of God knowing that God was fighting in his behalf and the Israelites were not just to go in to the promised land as an invading force on their own power.

•             Observations of chapter 5: God’s man is a warrior. Every true believer is a warrior as he is obedient to God’s word. For a believer to be obedient, it is not necessary for God’s man to know everything or what will happen. What is necessary is for the believer to obey. Obedience requires followership of God’s leadership in our lives.

•             The components for learn in this chapter are obedience, solve our own problems as we can, knowing that we are conquerors with God’s blessing and help.

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