Chapter 5 of Judges Bible Study

Taking up our study in the book of Judges, turn to chapter 5. This is entitled a song. It is after the victories that have been won in battle with Deborah present at the request of Barak.

Verse two is an interesting phrase, “when the people willingly offer themselves.” It is amazing what God will do when we offer ourselves completely to him without reservation and without stipulation. This includes being careful to praise God for the wonderful works he is still doing.

The verses following talk about circumstances that happened in nature and behavior of local inhabitants. It was not a brag on Deborah’s part to call yourself a mother in Israel. She must have felt a certain maternal instinct for her people when they went after false gods. In particular, she challenged those who rode on white asses and sat in judgment and walk by the way. In those days a white animal on which to ride was a sign of royalty and dignity.

She called on Barak to lead captivity captive. This is the same phrase that is used about Jesus when he rose from the dead and took righteous people from the place of the departed to heaven. We can find ourselves held captive by many circumstances, people, and ourselves. It is our wish that Jesus lead us out of that to a better position in life.

Further verses refer to the conflict when they were victorious over the enemy. This rehearsal can be our own when we assure that we get the story straight. We must admit to ourselves that there is a problem. We must also admit that there are times in which it seems there is no one that want to help us in our time of need. In itself, that can be a spiritual victory when we call on God.

Our solution for help might be unusual or the unexpected. It could be a time when human might could make no difference for us. When victory comes to us it certainly is the time of praise.

We may become fearful. We may become impatient. However, those are our labels to any situation that we would prefer to avoid. It never means that God has forsaken us. It does mean that God will respond out of his love in his time and in his way.

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