Bible Study on Judges 7

Our Bible study on the book of Judges now focuses on chapter 7. Gideon is preparing his people to fight against the Midianites. To do so, God required that Gideon reduce his force to only 300 people so that no one could say the people gained the victory. The means to defeat the enemy is quite unique. Just 300 soldiers could not fight and win, but during the night they were divided into three companies. Every man had a trumpet, a pitcher, and a lamp. Verse 17 is an important statement. Gideon said to the soldiers, “look on me.”

If only Christians were spiritually mature enough to say, “look on me” that you may have victory in your life. Too often the witness and reputation of Christians can be called into question instead setting an example. They cannot say, “do as I do.” Their relationship with Christ is likely more passive and weaker than what we would want.

The 300 surrounded their enemy at night, sounded their trumpets, broke their pitchers so that the light around the enemy’s camp would be suddenly lit. They shouted, “the sword of the Lord and of Gideon.”

The sound of 300 trumpets and the sudden appearance of light around the camp threw the enemy into despair. No one could say that this victory was won by the effort of humans. This was strictly a victory handed to humans from God himself. What a lesson this is to us! Should we obey God, even if it sounds ridiculous, we will have victory in our lives.

So, what these men of God demonstrated is the same as what Jesus said in the New Testament. They let their light shine. No one could say that there was no danger. Even so, God answered his way. Our enemy, Satan, already knows that he is defeated. We must shine our light as a witness to God’s presence in the defeat of Satan. This is our confession for the power of God because God values the soul of every believer and the well-being of their lives.

The faith of the believer says, “show me, lead me, tell me.” We may not be fighting a physical enemy, but our enemy is greater and more threatening. We must stand our ground, let our light shine and continue being used by God to defeat Satan in this world.

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