An honest look at the resurrection

Why is it that many people do not believe in the resurrection of Christ? Some are more willing to believe in UFOs, or the Ouija board, or the ability to contact the dead? There are those who trust their own instincts or belief system other than what the Bible says. Quite a few people observe Easter and may even go to church, but they really do not believe that Jesus rose from the dead on the third day. Why is this? Why are so many people resistant to the resurrection of Christ?

The resurrection has so many proofs from the days of Christ, since then, and by modern day apologetics. In comparison, there is little to no evidence for UFOs, the Ouija board, and certainly not the ability to contact the dead. In fact, there has been minuscule efforts to validate these while there is a magnitude of effort to disprove the resurrection of Jesus. Those who made efforts to disprove the resurrection and have honestly explored the topic, came away believing.

One such person is Lee Strobel who was an atheist and a newspaper reporter. As a journalist, he decided to investigate the claims of Christianity. He uses tools and methodology in the effort. The result was his conversion to Jesus and he became a best-selling author supporting the belief in Christ. One of his books, the Case for Faith, tells the truth of what God said and did.

It would be interesting to speculate what would happen if suddenly people truly, truly believed that Jesus died and on the third day came out of his tomb alive. What a revolution there would be in faith and conduct if this occurred. People’s behavior and interaction would dramatically change.

The simple fact is that people don’t want to believe. Subconsciously perhaps they know to believe in Jesus that he is alive would require them to change. A deep conviction in Christ would require people to stop their sinful behavior. The 10 Commandments would be more lived out by conviction than by requirement. Loving thy neighbor, as Jesus taught, would be a significant turnabout.

Those who claim to be Christians and believe in the resurrection should parlay that belief to others every day of the week of every year. It was the resurrection that caused Christianity to spread around the world. It was the good news for Jesus being alive that changed people inside and out. Accept the belief of Christianity and pray the prayer of forgiveness from God. This Easter let us have the resurrection to be real and certain in our hearts and our families!

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