Jesus Is Still Alive!

Agree or disagree. Believe it or don’t believe it. The fact is that Jesus rose from the grave.  A heavy amount of biblical and secular evidence confirms this. 

No other founder of a religion died for the believers.  None of them died and conquered death by literally coming back to life.  All other religions have the followers seeking their god(s), while God came to earth seeking mankind.  All other religions put the solution to sin and forgiveness on the shoulders of the follower. Only Jesus allowed his body to become the sacrifice for the sins of mankind.

Only through Jesus can believers face their own eventual death without fear.  As Jesus rose from the dead, so can believers be assured that death will not hold them forever!

This is why we celebrate Easter.  Jesus rose from the dead. Even more importantly, did he come back to life, Jesus is still alive in heaven interceding on behalf of believers.

How does one become a believer?  Recognize that you are a sinner by action and by nature. Ask Jesus to forgive you and take possession of your life.  Live your new life for him and through him. If you meant business with God, you have become a whole new creation. You are then what is commonly called being a Christian. 


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