Prepare for What Will Come!

To be sure that we all start this blog with the same knowledge, allow me to review the sequence of events that the Bible says will happen soon:

all prophecies have been fulfilled that are said to occur before the rapture; this is when Jesus will call to heaven all those who know him as personal Savior because they asked him to forgive them of their sins and their life lived as evidence for such a request

then will begin a period of seven years known as the great tribulation in which there will be a world ruler called the antichrist

he will require that there be one world government, one financial system, one education system, and all devotion to him as the only one in charge

during this great tribulation there will be plagues, earthquakes, other natural disasters, physical afflictions on people, and a plunge like non-other known of the world economy

there are those people who did not accept Christ as their Savior before the rapture, but because someone witnessed to them or they read the Bible, they do turn to Christ during this great tribulation and will be greatly persecuted or killed

it is this last comment that causes me to write today’s blog.

There is no middle ground about a relationship with God. Either a person accepts Christ and lives for him or refuses to accept Christ overtly or delays the decision.

For those who read this blog, take it to heart. For those who are Christians and living for God, please tell those people you know the importance of accepting Christ before it is too late. What I mean by too late is that they will miss the rapture or will suffer during the tribulation after they accept Christ.

Our modern technology is in place to prepare for the antichrist. We have satellites, computers, a credit card system, and an international community.

Think how easy it has been for the government to take over our private lives all over the world. Consider that it will be just as easy for the antichrist to step forward and become the dominant figure all over the world.

This is the most serious thing you could take into consideration. Not responding to Christ’s invitation to be your savior, will be the worst thing you could ever do. This pandemic has shown us how easily it would be for all the world to follow the edicts of just a few people.

Prepare yourself for what could come at any minute. To not say yes to Jesus is automatically to say no to him.

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