A New Civil Rights Movement and the Government’s Dealing With the Pandemic

Let us face the facts. A pandemic exists. However, it has not largely affected the entire population. People of age are most vulnerable to the virus and we find that in nursing homes. Very few if any have been affected less than 30 years old. Even at this, the governor has shut down our economy.

Let us be accurate. There is no constitutional authority for the governor and mayors’ actions. There is no statutory explanation for penalties of people who disobey the edicts of the governor and mayors. Yet, the governor has threatened to create a group akin to the KGB who will go to restaurants and cite the owners and patrons if they are not doing what he says. Again, he has no authority. It has been said that he used a law that is 100 years old on which to stand.

Our response must be a new civil rights movement. We cannot allow those in authority to take our civil rights from us. God and the Constitution has granted us our civil rights. There can be no arbitrary demands without legislation that defines a new law without the penalty for breaking the law.

We have been confined in our homes, businesses have been shut down, financial losses by individuals have been so high that they are absurd.

It is time that we stand against these illegal edicts and say that our civil rights have been taken from us and we are reclaiming them! If we need to start a civil rights campaign and parades, so let it be. Everyone must wake up and realize that the government has behaved in a totalitarian manner. We do not live in a socialist or communist dictatorship type of government. We are free people and we have a Constitution that stands behind this.

We must change our thinking so we will not be violated. If someone is arrested just because the mayor or governor says to arrest him, then let us fight back and demand constitutional authority and statutory standings for such an action.

Our new civil rights movement must be effective and resist the dictatorships of those in government. Yes, it is important for us to protect ourselves from the virus and to protect the aged citizens in particular. We must use common sense both regarding the virus and our civil rights. We must voluntarily obstruct the contamination of the virus and safeguard our civil rights.

There is a compromise and a common sense that must come into play and it must be voluntary. We should not have a governor or mayor that says we cannot be a free people during a virus pandemic. The solution to this is by the people and not by police arrest. Enough is enough.

Here we now declare ourselves a new civil rights movement! Hopefully, the illegal dictators have not done irreparable damage to our economy. There is a balancing of the scale between our civil rights and the ending of the pandemic. All things must be taken into consideration for how to be safe and how to resist dictator governors and mayors. To get on TV and say certain businesses cannot be open is unconstitutional. To get on TV and tell us how to live our private lives is unconstitutional.

It is possible that some in government want these difficult situations so that our president is viewed terribly, and those same people want in November to have paper ballots so the election could easily be rigged. Whether a person supports the president or not, he cannot again have his public image smeared. We must have a free election without interference or manipulation.

The police and sheriff members of our society are in a quandary. They were told to arrest people without a basis in statutory law for explanation of penalties voted on and into our uniform code of law. We are done with this and are reclaiming our civil rights! At the same time, we will voluntarily at our discretion protect ourselves, our customers, and the aged population.

The virus may be highly contagious, but so is a dictator government in which the people blindly submit without challenging those declarations that remove our civil rights. If I break a law such as robbery there  already is a law in place that determines the penalty for robbery. There is nothing in place to substantiate the dictates of government officials and a penalty for disobeying what they say. This cannot be a fly by the seat of your pants means to makeup what supports the dictates.

It would have been better if the governor explained what population in particular is affected and where. It would have been better if the governor would have explained the percentage of deaths by population count in comparison to other means for the loss of life. It would have been better if the governor asked for the people’s cooperation. The governor and mayors put us into a panic mode. Let it be said that our new civil rights movement will not buckle under panic. The new civil rights movement will cooperate with the Constitution and statutory laws already in place. The new civil rights movement will cooperate with medical advisors, without giving up our civil rights.

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