Virus Within Government

It has amazed me how various governors have operated. Why is it that strong efforts have been made to steal our civil rights? Is there some plan behind the scenes for coordination to overtake and disrupt the way we as Americans have lived for over 200 years? It seems dumbfounding that governors have contradicted themselves and expressed prejudice against certain groups of businesses and worshipers.

But why?

My mind has wandered from one to many explanations, but now I think these politicians are operating outside Constitution for a simple reason.


These governors are like children. They have a newly found authority and don’t know how to use it.

They would rather play with the box than with the toy.

They are little men sitting in big chairs.

They are the center of attention as grandparents would watch them fumble on the floor not knowing what they are doing.

They have shown that they are politicians and not patriots.

They still get their paychecks, still have the services they want, and still live in luxury mansions.

These rogue governors have published misinformation about the virus to support their own standing in the limelight. They don’t know what to do when it comes to employing the dictates of the Constitution! In the beginning they prophesied a massive death count. The very large number of deaths occurred in nursing homes and not my home.

If they would have simply requested everyone to wear masks and wash their hands, the matter would have been different. To issue orders subject to arrest and fines for violation is unconstitutional because there is no legislation and predetermined penalty. Then spineless statehouse legislators and Congressman have stood by without protecting our rights.

These rogue governors have demonstrated their incompetency by allowing one business to be open while another must close. Why must Hobby Lobby close when another store that also sells similar items be allowed to remain open. All business is essential.

This matter could have been handled so easily in the beginning, but these rogue governors do not know what they are doing and have a police force backing them. Come November, they must be voted out of office no matter what political persuasion they claim to have.

They have made havoc of our economy and employment. They have persecuted the small businessman who is the backbone of our economy. They have disrupted our lives beyond reason.

These rogue governors have told us we cannot go to church. Then they tell us we can go to church if a certain number of people attend. We are a free people! The Constitution specifically protects free speech and freedom of worship and freedom to assemble. A safety issue does not preempt the Constitution. The wise governor could balance safety and freedom.

Just because we have a dangerous virus gives them no right to withdraw our civil rights. Government is of the people, for the people, and by the people! There has been and still is a better way to have handled the situation. Why is it that we had closed down our world when suddenly we can reopen it? The same virus is about and still contagious. The virus has not changed nor has its consequence.

Because these rogue governors are incompetent and do not see the big picture of how we operate, or are supposed to operate, they have made arbitrary and prejudicial dictates feeding false and/or inaccurate information to us.

I repeat, in the beginning they could have done the same thing they are not doing now. Give us correct information and make requests of us for safety reasons. We are not a stupid people! We are not a careless people! Know that we are a people that is NOT willing to give up our constitutional rights!

Little man, get your act together. You don’t know what you are doing and you are doing a terrible job of it. We insist that you give us accurate information and leave us alone to digest it and respond to it.

Little man, get out of your big chair and humble yourself. Stop being a politician. Stop enjoying the supposedly authority that you claim to have. Leave us alone. We had a World War to fight ­and the Spanish flu in 1917, but people like you were not around then. Thank God!

Play with your box on the floor and give us back our toy. You don’t know how to read the instructions correctly anyway. You don’t know how to make things go right.

We will not tolerate your dominance any longer. We will follow you if you correct the way you have functioned on our behalf. Make things right. Make things correct. Make things equitable. Make things within the Constitution. Whatever you say about church attendance is of no consequence to us. We will worship when, where, and how we choose. And that goes for whatever the Supreme Court says. Safety does not override worship. Safety and worship should go together because we pray to an Almighty God that can kill this virus for us.

Again, I say, do this right. If you do not, I continue to encourage a new civil rights movement. This will not stand with you having your knee on our neck and denying us what a free people enjoys!

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