Happy New Year or Not?

This is the last day of the year and hopefully the conclusion of the bad things that have been happening in our nation and around the world. Tonight, will be a time of celebration and good wishes. There would be parties, phone calls, hugs and kisses. So many people will be looking forward to this next year. Their anticipation has been long awaited. In the next year babies will be born, large purchases such as cars and houses will be made, school graduations will finally occur, a promotion for a job awaits, the date for a wedding will roll around for the happy couple, new rewards will come after so much effort, and relationships will be healed whether with each other or with God.

In the midst of all the well wishes and joyous anticipation there are those who will be forced to realize that this coming year will not be so happy after all!

  • Tonight, some drunk driver will kill a loved one and inflict those close to them with grief.
  • Children will continue to experience abuse at the hands of those who should love them.
  • Likewise, spouses will continue to experience mental, emotional, physical abuse.
  • Thousands of pre-born people will still be murdered by heartless doctors and foolish parents.
  • Christians will be persecuted by their own governments because of their beliefs in God.
  • Also, underground church members will live in fear for their persistence in their faith.
  • Many small business owners will lose their income and savings from government shutdowns.
  • Human trafficking victims captured in this last year will continue to experience untold horrors.
  • Soldiers representing our government overseas will still be separated from loved ones.

As you celebrate the new year and enjoy its arrival, pause to realize that not everyone has reason to rejoice. Say a prayer for those who greatly need your spiritual support. It might just be you that will become one of these above terrible statistics. Be grateful for what you have and what you anticipate. Happy new year and God bless each of you.

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