What President Trump Taught Us!

For far too long we have been comfortable with the status quo of our country. President Trump taught us a hard lesson. He also showed us a good example:

  1. A man who is not a politician and knows what he is doing can accomplish the presidency for the people. Before the virus and before the vicious assaults from the Democrats, America had a great economy with more jobs for people of all races and international treaties signed between former enemies. These are indisputable facts.
  2. The swamp was deeper than he thought. For several decades, politicians have gradually turned on the people and used their position for their own gain. If you do not believe me, check to see the income of those before the time they took office and now. This reminds me of one of the reasons Jesus was crucified. Those in power felt in danger of losing their jobs as priests and rabbis and manipulated the Romans for the crucifixion. Check your Bible to see this is true.
  3. The establishment will not tolerate change. Even those newly elected learn a hard lesson how they must conform. Very quickly they learned how the game is played and what are the expectations for them to play. Within the structure of government people climb over each other for their favorite spots such as chairman of a certain committee or leader of a certain part of Congress. When bills are passed, they may address the original issue, but so many other things are attached to them. A great example of this is how much money the American people got versus how much money was sent overseas. These riders to the bills are probably the most important part of the passage.
  4. Crime does pay, at least in government. It does not matter if you are a rapist or thief or sold out your influence. As long as you continue to play the game under the table you will get away with it. People in Congress will protect each other no matter the cost even to the limit of impeaching a good president. You know the names of the criminals sitting in Congress or have been in power. None of them have gone to prison or even faced trial.
  5. When the government has the ball diamond, the bat, the gloves, and all the balls, we the people are governed instead of those in Congress representing us for our good favor. They say one thing and really mean another. Our good president made them show the evil that is in their hearts and all the cobwebs hanging in the halls of what once was justice.
  6. Beware of the media. Not only beware of the political propaganda they throw at us but beware of the desensitization they spew to encourage immorality and crime as a normal part of life. When I was a child, it was not necessary to swear or show body parts because there was a real storyline to be followed with real characters solving problems in their lives. Now the idea is to make criminals heroes. When you watch TV, ask yourself would you watch the same TV program in church. Would you watch it with Jesus sitting next to you?

The most important lesson to learn is that we cannot give up because God is in charge! He has his methods and has his timing and has us in mind and in his plans. Things will probably change drastically during the next four years. Maybe that is good. It will clearly show who is serving Christ or themselves. It will also teach us about true worship whether it be in a cathedral or an underground church. Hang in there! This is not the end. This is the beginning!!!

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