To Christians Being Persecuted

Dear underground Christians,

We in America are aware how you have suffered and resisted for your faith. The Bible teaches us that the true church is the persecuted church. It appears that Christians in America will likely suffer your fate. We have prayed for you. Now we ask for you to teach us.

How have you maintained yourselves under persecution? How have you organized yourself in secret? What if you done to support yourselves for the necessities of life? What lessons have you learned that you could share with us?

Please respond to my blog and answer these questions plus whatever else you would want to say. Apparently, the end times is coming, and Jesus will return for us. In the meantime, we must be wise for how we conduct ourselves. We need your help and advice. Show us how to be well prepared. Tell us how we can maintain strength of our faith under persecution as you have done.

We thank you for the suffering you have done in the name of Christ. We thank you for the guidance you can give us now!

Your brothers and sisters in Christ

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