Joe Biden allows the deep state to threaten democratic government

Kristin Tate, opinion contributor  51 mins ago

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene says she’s ‘fine with being kicked off’ committeesAOC won’t apologize for tweet accusing Ted Cruz of nearly having her killed…Joe Biden allows the deep state to threaten democratic government

Trump’s behavior is a threat to democracy.” “Trump represents a bigger threat than ever to US democracy.” “Trump is the biggest threat to our democracy since the Civil War.”a man wearing a suit and tie: Joe Biden allows the deep state to threaten democratic government© Getty Images Joe Biden allows the deep state to threaten democratic government

If Democrats are good at anything, it is staying on message. However, for all of their teeth gnashing, crying, and shrieking about Donald Trump supposedly being a grave danger to “democracy” during the last four years, leftists have remained silent as President Joe Biden has enabled perhaps the greatest threat to a government held accountable by its own voters: the growth of the administrative state. In just a few short weeks, Biden has already signed 28 executive orders-many of them have the end result of empowering an untethered, unelected army of bureaucrats who will have an increasing role in the way everyday Americans live.

The constitutional role of creating laws that influence the daily lives of Americans falls to Congress. Increasingly, however, the legislative body has instead abjured its Article I powers and opted to pass bills that give administrative agencies-usually via the Executive Branch-vast power to create rules that people have to follow. Biden’s fresh round of executive orders only compound the power these agencies of administrators have over citizens’ lives. Acting upon vague notions of environmental activism or intersectional race and gender theories, Biden is building an unanswerable cadre of byzantine regulators with power beyond the Obama era.

Within days of taking office, the president assumed powers that Congress should retain. Biden’s order naming climate change as a key part of foreign policy will increase the power of the Environmental Protection Agency and its 13,500 administrators, as well as a new “Council of Advisors on Science and Technology,” to implement sweeping regulation that could have substantial impacts on the US economy and job market. His empowerment of the Department of Housing and Urban Development to review “fair housing” will expand federal influence on suburban housing through an expansion of Section 8. His restoration of DACA essentially re-writes the same immigration policy that Barack Obama once famously stated he could not pass without Congress.

Donald Trump’s policy of the free market driving energy policy is being replaced by one granting more power to bureaucrats; killing the Keystone XL Pipeline destroyed 11,000 existing or planned jobs and removed a major element of North American energy independence. The overall theme to “bring science back” to the White House grants cover for any number of new mandates-whether or not they support scientific discovery, at all. From COVID to energy to environmental issues, the broad strokes will be signed off on by Biden then the details that impact citizens’ daily lives will be held by those nobody voted for. Often these powers are harmful when co-opted by special interests. For example, even after the CDC deemed reopening schools safe, the Biden Administration bowed to the influence of teachers’ unions and scrapped any federal efforts to get kids back into classrooms.

The most significant danger to our check and balance system is the growing authority of the executive, flanked by an army of faceless bureaucrats. Creation and enforcement of each policy will route through Biden and Cabinet-level agencies. The president reversed his predecessor’s constraints on the influence of civil servants. Trump’s limits on the amount of time federal employees could do union business on taxpayers’ dime is now history, as well as his administration’s mandates that made it easier to fire incompetent workers.

One of Biden’s executive orders handed the power to compile a report on a $15 minimum wage not to the Congressional Budget Office, but instead to the Office of Personnel Management. In addition, proposals to cancel student loan debt will circumvent Congress, and largely be controlled by the Department of Education. Each of these items represent a drip-drip of ceded authority toward the bureaucratic Kremlin. Meanwhile, revoking Trump’s precedent of removing at least two regulations for each new one created means the power of federal regulators will continue to grow rather than wither.

For all of the concern about Trump’s tone, his insults, or the “chaos” in the White House, the true threat to democratic government was never a former reality television star who promised to “drain the swamp.” Instead, it is the power shift in policy making away from elected members of congress to government workers sitting in federal agency buildings. The increasing assumption of powers by the executive branch is nearly irreversible-a party change may reverse specific orders, but will almost always increase the power of the administrative state.

When the executive orders begin mandating critical race theory, seizing guns, and declaring a “climate emergency,” the folly of appeasing the growth of a bureaucratic Deep State control by the White House will become unmistakable. And as Churchill said, appeasement is like feeding the crocodile, hoping that it will eat you last.

Kristin Tate is a libertarian author and an analyst for Young Americans for Liberty. She is a Robert Novak journalism fellow at the Fund for American Studies. Her newest book is “The Liberal Invasion of Red State America.”

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