Sinicizationsinoficationsinification, or sinonization (from the prefix sino-, ‘Chinese, relating to China’) is the process by which non-Chinese societies come under the influence of Chinese culture, particularly Han-Chinese culture, language, societal norms, and ethnic identity.

Areas of influence include dietwritingindustryeducationlanguage/lexiconslawarchitectural stylepoliticsphilosophyreligionscience and technologyvalue systems, and lifestyle. More broadly, sinicization may refer to processes or policies of acculturationassimilation, or cultural imperialism of norms from China on neighboring East Asian societies, or on minority ethnic groups within China. Evidence of this process is reflected in the histories of KoreaJapan, and Vietnam in the adoption of the Chinese writing system, which has long been a unifying feature in the Sinosphere as the vehicle for exporting Chinese culture to these Asian countries.

In other words, China has demanded that Christian pastors join, support, and propagate communist thinking!

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