Let’s Talk About God

When we talk about God, the first thing we must do is recognize his personality. With that, we must realize that God does not change, but is forever the same. Keep this in mind when we discussed all that he is.

God not only loves, but he is love. Here’s the full personification of love. There is no shadow or darkness or ulterior motives in his love. His very person expresses the fullness of his feelings toward mankind.

There are some who say that God can do anything. This actually is not true. God cannot lie. He cannot go back on his word. He cannot betray anyone. He cannot withdraw his promises. This means that God is totally and absolutely dependable.

All that we would say about God must be recognized as a balance for who he is. Not one thing that we would recognize about God overlays or diminishes what else there is about God. The Bible says he is merciful. The God of all creation is gracious. God is loving. God is just. God is not wanting that any would perish. God is sovereign.

Notice in the Old Testament how that the Israelites over and over backslid from him and yet in his judgment he always had an opportunity for them to experience his grace. In studying the place of grace in the Bible, it is a redeeming factor. It is a factor of blessing. It is an extension of his love. It is a state of being that he gives us. And, therefore, it has no force because it is similar to being in the presence of God’s throne room.

God is triune. He is not three gods, but three personalities. In the same way you have a body, soul, and spirit so is God similar. Imagine, if you will, that you have the ability to project your soul into the body of a newborn and that baby became an extension of you, was not separate from you, but expressed all there was of you. That is what happened Christmas Eve. The word of God according to the gospel of John 1:1 and following, the Word became flesh and dwelt among us. That is why Jesus is divine. That is why Jesus is perfect.

In the Old Testament animals were sacrificed as a faith element toward God’s forgiveness. When Jesus died on the cross, his body became that ultimate sacrifice. The death of animals was no longer necessary. Since Jesus was perfect, he became the perfect sacrifice for our sins, past and present and future. His body was that sacrifice that none of the animals could present.

So, we worship the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit altogether because they are God triune and one with each having their own personality and behavior.

The Bible says in many places that God would have anyone and everyone in heaven with him. The Bible says that he would not have any to perish. The Bible says the sacrifice of Jesus was the means so that none would perish. God does not discriminate for what person or persons would be with him in eternity. Even though he is sovereign, he still must demonstrate his loving and forgiving nature. His sovereignty is not overruling all his other characteristics. His sovereignty is one of his characteristics as the Almighty God, Judge, and Redeemer. We must remember that the alienation between God and man was not based on his sovereignty, but it was based on man’s rebellion against him. There was no way to heal that alienation except through the perfect blood of Christ.

The differentiation between which a person goes to heaven or not is based on man’s willingness to accept the sacrifice of Christ through salvation. All of life is a matter of decisions. We decide what to eat, where to go, and even what to say. When presented with the love of Christ shown on the cross, it is imperative that we show our appreciation for Jesus and recognize our sinful nature. That is a decision that we make. There must come a point in which we recognize the emptiness we have without a relationship with Christ and the presence of the Holy Spirit in our lives.

That recognition if done in faith, because Jesus died and rose again for us, is a step we each must take toward what God has planned for us in eternity. It is ours to react to God’s efforts by asking forgiveness of our sinful nature and our sinful behavior. The Bible says if we break one commandment, we have broken them all. The Bible says that there is none of us that are righteous or perfect. Therefore, we have this alienation from God that can only be healed by Christ and our asking his forgiveness and help that we could live a holy life for him.

You may be the type of person that is deep in sin or the type of person that is a good person yet occasionally does things which you yourself know are not right such as lying, cheating, or deceiving. To God all have sinned and come short of his glory in whatever way that shortness is demonstrated. To God all he asks of us is to say we believe what Jesus did for us on the cross and the resurrection and we want that new creation that he can give to us whereby we can be called Christians. It is a matter of asking for mercy and forgiveness. As the sovereign God he has the opportunity to give us mercy and forgiveness as his choice in the same way he could decide some other direction a reaction to us.

It is reasonable to think that everything in life is a decision. Therefore, there must come a time in which we realize our sinful inner nature and the love of God. There must be a specific step in which we say I am yours God. Forgive me and help me to live that life you would want me to live.

If you have not made this decision, please do so. Once you have taken that step realization your life will never be the same.

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