At This Time We Need a Word of Encouragement

There seems to be so much bad news in the world today. It is bewildering how that evil has taken hold of our governments. In many cases we find ourselves lacking the necessities of life. The future appears to be bleak. There no longer seems to be a strength on which to rely.

But good news! There is a word of encouragement from the Lord. We are not alone in our battles. Our struggles are not our own to bear. The difficulties that we know personally, and in our families, and throughout our nation have not gone unseen by God.

A word of comfort to us all! God knows what is going on and will deliver his own. Jesus did not die in vain. The Holy Spirit did not come upon the church as a mere emotional experience.

The future is not dark. Even though it is dark now, the future is quite bright because God is in charge. He is our Savior. He is our Lord. He loves us. He cares about what we are now experiencing. He understands what we do not understand.

It has been said, “I read the last chapter and we win.” For various reasons of God, we must separately travel our own paths. However, even though our roads may be rough, he is with us all the way. Jesus experienced far more than what any of us are experiencing today. Jesus knows and understands the bad things that life can dish out.

Have peace not because our lives are peaceful, or we are enjoying a good life. Have peace in spite of the events of our lives. The reason is quite simple that we can say this. The Prince of peace is our Savior.

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