How Fragile Is America?

It has been said that after Pearl Harbor was attacked, a Japanese admiral said that he feared they awakened the sleeping giant. This idea of America being strong and powerful has permeated the world and the citizens of the United States for many years. However, many unfortunate things have happened in our politics and among our citizenries. This brings up the question: how fragile is America now?

Our currency has no silver or gold backing. Because of the virus the government has simply printed out trillions of dollars most of which went to special interests and other COUNTRIES while supposing that the average citizen would get crumbs from the Almighty Congress. Then the government printed out more money and more money! Our currency is now simply a piece of paper. We exchange it for commodities and services without a second thought there is nothing to back it up. Some people don’t even know what I’m talking about for currencies to have security.

Foreign property investment refers to the purchase of real estate by foreign nationals. It is a major source of investment in the United States and property sales to foreign buyers totaled 78 billion U.S. dollars in 2019. In recent years, the largest share of foreign residential buyers originated from China and Canada, followed by Mexico. Foreign buyers of U.S. real estate prefer properties in suburban areas to properties in small towns and central areas of major cities.

Even though we have a magnificent medical system, the general population including children are in very poor physical condition indicated by morbid obesity. The average American man could not do three push-ups without running out of breath.

The famed patriot Patrick Henry proclaimed, “Give me liberty … or give me death!” at America’s founding.

These days, the country’s motto has changed to “Forget financial liberty … give me debt!”

American household debt hit a record $13.21 trillion in 2018. If you had to write that check it would read $13,210,000,000,000.

Who are the most likely to get into debt?

More importantly, who are the ones most likely to get out of debt?

It’s all a matter of age, income, ethnicity, family type and education level. Demographics don’t strictly determine one’s debt, but understanding such statistics can clue you in to your financial future.

It can also motivate you to go against the numbers and find financial liberty. Here’s a look at the major demographics of debt.

  • Gen Z (ages 18 to 23): $9,593
  • Millennials (ages 24 to 39): $78,396
  • Gen X (ages 40 to 55): $135,841
  • Baby boomers (ages 56 to 74): $96,984
  • Silent generation (ages 75 and above): $40,925

Since the draft has been abolished for military service, very few federal lawmakers have had any experience wearing a uniform in behalf of their country. This means they have no idea what the needs are and what it is to depend on the willy-nilly whims of Congress. It is a shame that lawmakers are not required at an early age to be in the military whether female or male as is done in Israel.

With just these few statistics and gathered information, we can see that we are a fat, lazy, and in debt, oblivious to military needs, and with an education that is so minimal that today’s college student could not complete a test given to eighth graders a hundred years ago.

Something must be done and must be on the individual basis. We have set back, and allowed our country to deteriorate into a vacation zone owned and operated by foreigners. We are oblivious to what could happen should the teeter totter bounced the wrong way.

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