Can Get The Bible To Support Anything

Be aware that a Scripture text apart from the context is a pretext.

In other words, a verse can only mean what is intent within its own surrounding verses. A verse must not be taken out of the context. If I were speaking about an automobile as a means of transportation, my words cannot refer to another statement elsewhere about a bicycle. Both are a means of transportation. Both are used by human beings. If I say, however, that the vehicle will transport me 500 miles and put that in reference to a bicycle, obviously this is a mistake.

An example of the passage in Zechariah 13:6, cannot be applied to a prophecy of Christ. When it is pulled out of the verses surrounding it, it very likely could sound like a reference to Christ. Yet, the actual context speaks about false prophets. So, either verse six cannot be referring to Christ or we are talking about Christ as a false prophet.

This shows the danger of studying a verse in the Bible by itself rather than taking it within the context of surrounding verses and other books in the Bible. Certainly, it is true that, “you can prove anything by the Bible.” That is true when this rule is violated.

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