When we read the Bible, we must allow it to speak to our hearts and minds as originally stated. We cannot look to Scripture and try to find versus that support a preconception we have. Let the Bible speak for itself. Avoid trying to read into it.

A good example of this would be – should a person not believe in the resurrection; they would try to explain it away by saying such things as Christ was in a swoon on the cross. Another challenge to the resurrection would be that says God cannot die. Should a person not believe that salvation is by faith, they would look to the book of James that speaks of works as part of salvation. Should a person not believe in hell, they only want to talk about the Bible verses that speak of God’s love.

Avoid reading into that which is not intended. Let the Bible speak for itself. Prevent yourself from adopting a popular theory and believing that it is supported by the Bible. If someone has a theory about religion, that person should not superimpose it into the Bible verses. Avoid manipulating Scripture to suit a personal theory or to challenge what the Bible teaches.’

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