Who Is In Charge

Rulers or kings are mentioned in the Old Testament as a way to give an understanding of the ancient time when events occurred. However, when we read about the events three thousand years later it can be confusing. Below is a chart that I have created hopefully to give a better understanding of the thousand years before Christ. You will see in the chart the Kings of Israel and the Kings of Judah. This chart will indicate if the rulers were good or bad in their behavior towards the people and God. Also on the chart are listed kings and when they ruled in Assyria, Babylon, and Persia. Visualize the Mediterranean Sea. As you look at it on a map, Israel is to the right. Above it is Assyria. Further to your right is Babylon or present-day Iraq. Persia conquered Babylon with the help of another people named the Medes. So the area of present day Iraq became known as the Medo-Persian Empire. When you read the Old Testament, and a king is mentioned you can see on the chart how those kings related to each other in time. King Nebuchadnezzar ruled over Babylon and twice conquered present-day Israel taking many captives back to Babylon. The book of Daniel specifically refers to the life and times of Nebuchadnezzar who eventually became a servant of God. Cyrus was the main King in the Persian Empire of interest to us because he was the king that allowed the captives to return to Jerusalem so that the temple and the walls of the city could be rebuilt. Belshazzar was the king that saw God’s hand writing on the wall declaring the end of his rule and the fall of Babylon by the Persians. In referring to what we know today as Israel in the ancient times that area was actually two separate nations. To the north was Israel and to the south was Judah.

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