Until Death Do Us Part

The effects of death are profound. It is a singular experience that we all will know by stepping out of this life. It should be noted the extent for how death reveals itself. Keep in mind that our physical body to which we pay so much attention is just simply a house. It is that fleshly thing that contains the real “Us.” It is how we manipulate down the path of life and interact with other people. We pay so much attention to the body and far too often less attention to the soul.

It is obvious that death is a divider. It divides the deceased from those left behind. It divides the deceased from the goals and ambitions that were once held and would never be realized. It divides the benefits that there could have been from the company of that person. And in many cases, unfortunately, it divides the soul of the deceased eternally from the relationship with the Almighty God. It separates the hopes of the living from what could have been with the person that is gone.

Oddly enough, death is also a uniter. It can bring together for time those who are grieving that would not normally have any significant fellowship. For those who in this life have received Christ as their Savior, it unites that soul to the creator of the soul. It offers the unity of hope. It unites the one who passed to others who also passed previously. It unites the one who is gone from this world to the joys and happiness there is in glory for all eternity. It unites the one in the presence of the Christ with full and complete healing. In this life my mother lost her legs because of a disease, but now she is walking and jumping and laughing as she dances down the Golden Road of heaven. She is healed and complete.

Death can present a roadblock. Those left grieving may become so bitter and angry that they reject any comfort from the Holy Spirit. They may refuse to move on to other goals they intended for their future. While engulfed in grief, a person may lose the opportunity to have superb relationships with those they newly meet or are already in their environment. Unfortunately, it can be a roadblock to what the person now gone could have become had they searched out new paths and new opportunities.

When we speak of death, we must remember that it is an experience and not a state of being. It is a door from one room to another. It is the revelation of what will be throughout eternity. Death is a cessation of pain and tears giving way to joy and delight. Death is momentary when the last breath is drawn. It is leaving the fellowship of those still behind in gaining a new fellowship of celestial beings and the divine God. It is not to be feared because Christ conquered death by his resurrection. It is to be embraced by both the one going beyond and the one left behind. Most important of all, it no longer has the grip on humanity because Jesus defeated it. Knowing the Lord Jesus is not merely a religious experience. It is the alignment with the Son of God who carved ahead a path for us to a new and better life forever more.

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