Traveling the World

A TRAVELER  by James Bradfield

There’s a Traveler passing my heart;

He’s a Traveler who soon might part.

But I’ll open the door just a crack

To see if He’ll return or even look back.

He knocked once; I know, at least,

But I did not answer and soon He ceased.

There was a pause and a final rap-

Footsteps filled the silent gap.

Now there’s only a silhouette of a Visitor gone.

Would He have for a moment lingered on,

Perhaps I would have gone to the door,

Undid the latch or even more.

Still, He did come and stay a while,

But His trip was long and many a mile.

He wanted to stop and say, “Hello,”

And with no thought I asked Him to go.

I regret I did not see His eyes:

Compassionate, understanding, loving, and wise;

Hair was once handsome,

His feet are now numb.

But His hand is still extended

To a heart’s door unintended.

Words of meaning He would have said

To a soul like mine that soon could be dead.

But is it patience, wisdom, or love

That’s bringing Him back like Noah’s dove;

On wings of peace to come to me

And enter my heart in victory?

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