A Revelation of the End and How to Understand It

The book of Revelation can be confusing. Some people purposely avoided it because they say it frightens them. Most people say they don’t understand it. Let’s try and put some sense to all of this.

First, the name of the book is Revelation, not revelations. This is the revelation of Jesus Christ to his only remaining living disciple.

Second, John wrote the book after being exiled to the island of Patmos as a result of an edict by the Emperor of Rome for being a Christian. While there he had the information given to him as Revelation.

Third, the book was written to offer a better understanding from the instructions of Jesus.

Fourth, the book is structured in a very organized manner. Certain events occur as labeled by a specific heading such as the seals being opened. This would be like the main topic with sub points of an outline.

Fifth, the creatures mentioned may be taken exactly as they are described and as real things or they may be symbolic of what will happen in that sequence of time. Either way, it almost does not matter because events unfold as they are described.

Six, some things were not intended to be so obvious and understood. We must accept that and each of us must rely on the Holy Spirit to show us the meaning.

Seventh, the end of the book is encouraging and enlightening since it tells us what it will be like in eternity and a blessing that is placed on the readers of the book.

Eighth, perhaps some people do not want to pay attention to the book because they do not want to deal with the fact that there will be a judgment day and people will go to hell or heaven.

Ninth, the description of Jesus and Angels is so profound it could be bewildering. The point in that section of Scripture shows us that Jesus is no longer the crucified lamb of God that was on the cross. He is reining as the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

Tenth, there is some debate whether the events as described in the book of Revelation will affect the entire world or just the Mediterranean area and surrounding lands. Assume it is the latter. Even so, what happens in that part of the world will have a ripple effect on the rest of the world.

Eleventh, people still persist in taking scripture out of context and in the case of the book of Revelation they try to date set. They claim they have a key for the future by dissecting Scripture. Do not believe them. Jesus specifically said that this was not in God’s plan for anyone, even him, to know the exact occurrence of the end of the world as we would know it.

Twelfth, to understand the Scripture – it is highly important to refer to whatever other Bible texts are relevant. Of great importance and, as an example, is the book of Daniel.

Thirteenth, an important verse to begin understanding the book of Revelation is found in chapter 1 verse nineteen. Jesus instructs John to right three things. He was to record what he saw. Then he was to record the things that currently were happening. Lastly, he was to record the events of coming prophecy that will cover hundreds and hundreds of years until our time and beyond.

                What John just saw is recorded in chapter 1. This was the appearance of Jesus and their talking.

What was occurring at the time is recorded in chapters 2 and chapter 3. These are letters Jesus wanted written to seven churches in the area of present-day Turkey.

What shall be – was recorded in chapter 4 to the end of the book. It is in this section where people most have an adverse reaction to the text.

Here are some added antidotes to this blog.

The letters to the churches also can be divided into a logical sequence. These are addresses to the churches. Then there are the descriptions of Jesus which are sometimes compared to the Old Testament Tabernacle mentioning such things as the candlestick. There is the observation of how the church has been functioning. There is usually a complement for the church’s efforts. Then there is a complaint Jesus had against the church. He gives them a warning that there is a consequence of not conforming to his expectations. He places a blessing to those who do conform.

Certain people or groups in the churches have been troublesome to the churches and how the churches have dealt with them. This is either the perpetrator of false doctrine or carnal behavior.

The seven churches have been compared to what is called seven dispensations of time. Each church represents a sequence of years in the character of the church. Case in point, is the letter to the Laodiceans that has been compared to our current timeframe that we live in. That letter does seem to have a unique and negative comparison to modern-day churches.

Verses twenty through twenty-two have been taken out of context quite frequently. Especially verse twenty. This is not Christ knocking at the heart of sinners. It is Christ knocking at the church door and members of that church. Certainly, the churches have allowed the world to come in and influence what is said and done and even the basic doctrine of the church. Romans chapter 1 is Scripture ignored by many churches today describing people who have gone deep into sin and yet some churches tolerated it. Some churches even embrace this and populate false doctrines.

 For the remainder of the book I suggest you keep these things in mind:

Try to realize that each of the events whether it be a seal or a trumpet, is the organization of the book for events to come sequentially on the earth.

It is generally believed that chapter 4 verse one is when the rapture occurs in which believers both who are alive and dead are taken to be with Christ in heaven. This means that those left behind have not accepted Christ and have not believed in him as their Savior. This is the reason the things that happen next are frightening to some, including and ultimately the eternal damnation of Satan himself.

Pay more attention to the events that occur afterwards than what is confusing to you. Terrible curses happen to the evil that is running rampant on the earth under the supervision of Satan and his cohorts.it is said that so many people even then under horrible circumstances will not come to God.

Accept the fact that angelic beings are involved and follow the instructions of God or give instructions to John as the writer of Revelation.

Remember that this book was written by the Jewish Messiah to the Jewish disciple primarily about Jewish future. This is especially true in chapter 14 where a select few of Jews are protected.

A favorite verse of many that have had difficulties in this life, is chapter 21 and verse four. It says, “And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes and there shall be no more death neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away.”

Read the book of Revelation with an excited attitude looking toward the coming of Christ and how he would want us to prepare for that glorious day.

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