Rattlesnakes Rattle in America

Most people do not like what has happened in our country. At the same time they seem surprised that their politicians have behaved in such a way that they have gone to extremes. Never could anyone predict that they would push for our country to change from a democratic nation to a socialist government. Never in the history of the United States has such a coup taken place. We have had traitors and we have had spies. We have experienced the terrible attack of 9-11.

We have had wonderful presidents and incompetent presidents. We have had lame-duck presidents. We have had inept Congress members. With a good, bad and ugly, we have survived. However, the current state of America is dire. It seems that we must endure what is not just nonsense, but leaders in the highest level want to destroy America.

We have two responses by which we can console ourselves. First, God is in charge. That is not a cliché. It is a declaration of faith and trust in the Almighty Creator. It is to him we must make our prayers sincere. It is from him only that we can expect relief and rescue.

The second response by which we can console ourselves is also not a cliché either. It is, though, a realization that we must make. We must understand that “rattlesnakes rattle.” It is foolish to expect anything otherwise. Those persons that do not have the best interest for our country should not be expected to behave as if they did. We must understand that the behavior and legislation come from the evil in the hearts and minds of current political leaders. We should expect nothing else, and we should not be surprised what they do.

We must learn a lesson that was very hard to experience. In the future we cannot and will not tolerate anyone that does not have a patriotic devotion to our country and has a negative background of shenanigans and criminal behavior. We must band together as a people and say, “This shall not stand!”

In regard to our future, we must have diligent awareness of anyone who seeks a national political position. We must examine them. We must not let their past lifestyle and conduct be ignored. For those who support the rattlesnakes, we must respond to them by legal force and intolerance of their riots and crimes.

Remember, this all started when the question arose for the nationality of a presidential candidate. They failed to pursue this to the end. Our Congress is out of touch with the people. They only serve themselves in the power and money they seek. How is it possible that a legislator could enter Congress with a low income and then become a millionaire? They did not protect us from this phony president, and they don’t protect us from themselves.

Do not listen to the tune of rattles. Do not give the rattlesnakes the benefit of the doubt. Do not respond kindly to their rhetoric. They are professionals at deception. America has lost control of its own government that once was for the people and by the people.

Congress at any whim can vote themselves a raise without any oversight or counterbalance. They pass laws with attachments that have nothing to do with the original purpose of the proposed law. They wastefully spend money just to make them appealing for another round of votes.

We have a president that can issue a decree as a king without any due process through Congress. He calls it an executive order. It should rightfully be called a royal edict on the populace. At one time the executive order eventually had to be confirmed by Congress. That step is bypassed or ignored these days. What a rattling that rattlesnake makes when these things are allowed to stand.

Remember that Congress and the president is not our means of salvation. A particular political party is not that lifeline that we once thought which could be thrown to us. By all observation, they are in it together for themselves. They run interference for the opposition. That certainly would not work in a football game and cannot work as our government functions.

We must pray like we never have before. We must beware like we never have before. We must trust God to deliver us while we beware that rattlesnakes rattle.

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