Do Not Mess With Me!

Copied from another person: I am putting everyone on notice, if I walk into a restaurant, bar, etc, and you ask me for proof of vac, I will immediately file suit against you. I will file both a personal and business lawsuit for violation of Hippa Laws.You have no legal right under any circumstances to see my private medical records. If you deny my entrance, I will consider it as a form of discrimination and a violation of civil rights.I will use every law that is broken to destroy you. Be advised ignorance of the law is no excuse.I will not and do not authorize any release of medical records to any business without my consent. And I do not give my consent just to participate as a member of society.I have put up with the temperature checks, which are being performed by someone who is not a member of the medical profession.Even that action is an invasion of your medical privacy. Since when does someone working at a restaurant, bar, etc have the legal right to make a decision about your medical well-being based upon taking your temperature.These actions of show me your papers, stops now!

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