Being Where God Can Bless

To catch the ball there are certain requirements:

  1. You must see what happened to the ball when a professional hitter connects with the ball.
  2. You must watch for what direction the ball flies.
  3. You must run to where you expect the ball to come down.
  4. You must place your glove where the ball is headed.
  5. You must close your hand on the ball when it enters your glove.

Likewise, to receive the blessings of God we must do similar things:

  1. You must be convinced that God does send blessings.
  2. You must believe that the blessing will come your way.
  3. You must be in the right position spiritually, mentally, and by your attitude for a blessing.
  4. You must examine yourself about receiving a blessing to know it is headed your way.
  5. You must be know there is a blessing in the good and bad that happens in your life.

Some people complain that they do not see a blessing from God. But they probably do not realize is we all must be in the right place in our lives. We must devest ourselves from sin. We must walk closer to God. To receive a blessing is to run to where God can offer it. Today look up, go to, and reach for what God has for you in the next twenty-four hours.

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