Is America Headed To Become a Third World Country?

Mediocre Americans and their cronies

Mediocrity is a state of being content with the status quo. It is a place that is comfortable as long as their boat is not rocked. It lacks objection to anything that would stir or reinvigorate what morally and spiritually should be.

The only desire it contains is for matters not to be worse. As one would see it, worse would be terrible. It is a common attitude for people to catastrophize worse. It is the fear of things not being the way they should. The specific definition of should has no outline or inline. However, creeping up on mediocre Americans truly will be worse. It is like the high school experiment of placing a frog in water on a burner with no reaction from the frog as the temperature of the water increases.

To accept life as mediocre allows for a person to assume no responsibility. It is an avoidance technique. It permits a person to run from a challenge. It avoids looking in the eye of what must be. It refuses to hear the screams from those who are suffering outside of mediocrity.

It can be written in any text or letter that Americans allow what does not affect them personally. They have no ability to understand the broader perspective. These Americans care little for the future, even for their own grandchildren. They cower under the presentation of drastic changes from a healthy past to an unknown future that offers certain horror.

These citizens of the United States of America take no notice of the inconsistencies perpetrated against the contrast from criminal rioting and orchestrated citizen upheaval. With such an attitude what was once murder is overlooked because it is justified in the name of social change. No prosecution has occurred for those rioters while it is becoming a fact that the capital riots were orchestrated by those who now claim fowl.

What once was a basis on which a person lived their life has become null and void. They say to accept what is without question. Movement away without reason from a mental and spiritual grounding is insane. No longer is it the great American experiment. It is now the gerrymandering to make America less.

For anyone from the blessed past to complain that the direction America is taking is now called names and is pocketed as irrelevant. What once was good is now bad and what was once was bad is now good. This is what the new Americans expect from mediocre citizens, and they are getting what they demand without firing a bullet.

The only hope for America is to stamp out mediocrity and to have the courage to say enough is enough. There must be an end to the mediocre lifestyle and the rebellious rioters who claim their actions demonstrate the beauty of the future. These rabble-rousers will punish anyone in their way. They are funded by insane billionaires who got their wealth from the blooming of capitalism. They are now using those same funds to turn on what gave them their royal position.

The first weapon to use is the word no. The second weapon is to accept responsibility for the correction of change that has become evil. This self-serving minority must be put in their place whether it be incarceration or exportation. Those that take advantage of the majority of people who did not wish to climb out of their hole should themselves be stripped of what powers them. Those that provide the money for this political coup should be investigated and made to give account for every dollar excised from their bounty.

Those in political position at this point know that the mediocre citizen is what grants them their authority to take away our rights and our future. It is the fault of the mediocre citizen that has allowed both political parties to function for self-gain thinking that they could rule instead of serving. Only when the mediocre citizen wakes up and places the criminals that are now in authority out of their office and out of our country, can we have the dream on a hill.

It is not to argue against the mediocre citizen to awaken him to a particular political persuasion. Instead, it is to provide proof and evidence that we cannot tolerate what is before us without a citizen kinship and pledge of non-acceptability. Both parties are corrupt, and a righteous member is a rarity. They form together a collusion without regard for the responsibilities once outlined in a precious document.

For more than fifty years our political system and legal system has rusted away with ineptitude and disloyalty to our Constitution. The Supreme Court has legislated. The legislators have argued among themselves. The executive branch has become a plum for a dictator. Think not that this has been an accident. This has been a quiet and subversive plan since World War II.

All the world has been jealous of the economy and prosperity of America while at the same time wanting to benefit from it. They then wished to destroy it so that America becomes a third world country weak and unable any longer to be the world’s example. To destroy America is to destroy the middle class.

All our father’s and forefathers’ dreams are evaporating before our eyes. The mediocre citizen wants to live their own life without soldiering up what it would take to return to those dreams. Those members of the coup want the mediocre citizens to stay put by dumbing down their education. They want to saturate these mediocre people with lies.

We have lost the value of life. That all began with the wholesale abortion industry. Don’t be fooled, it is an industry that produces much money for their constituents. The question I would like to ask them is, “when is that a person?” Since they do not want to answer that question, we are left to consider that an unborn person as the thing.

America is a mess! There are many at fault. The mediocre American cannot be counted on. Perpetrator of lies about unborn people is similar to that of the Old Testament in which the peoples of all races sacrificed their children to idols. Some of them actually threw their babies into a fire! Worship has little meaning today. Power-hungry politicians take oaths which have no meaning or value. The American church has allowed society to come in and write their doctrines contrary to the biblical instructions that the church is to be the salt of the earth.

Is there any hope? You tell me.

James Bradfield

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