Why Did Jesus Need To Die on the Cross?

It is important to realize that Jesus was in charge of every moment of his life while he was here on earth. There is strong evidence for this. When he was arrested in the Garden of Gethsemane, he reminded his disciples that he could call ten thousand to defend him. He selected to submit to the temple guards for the resultant crucifixion. Then when he was on the cross, the King James version says he died. If we turn to the original Greek concerning that moment, he dismissed the spirit from his body as a teacher would dismiss her students when the day was over.

The question still remains, “why did Jesus have to die in the first place?” When he went into Jerusalem on what we now call Palm Sunday, they proclaimed him king and expected him to overthrow the Roman Empire. Since he had all power and the Angels available to him, he could easily have done this. Instead, he avoided their wishes and left them.

He was well known as a prophet and healer. Some men would be satisfied with that status. He could have traveled about relieving people’s problems and illnesses. In retrospect, we see that often when he intervened for people in distress, Jesus told them that they should not broadcast what happened and he was the one that did it. He explained that his time had not yet come.

There is much more to the story of Jesus death. He came as the fulfillment of Old Testament prophecy that can be counted in the hundreds. He came for the spiritual needs of those about him. he came out of love from heaven as instructed by the heavenly father.

There is even a bigger answer than this! When Adam and Eve sinned in the Garden of Eden, God killed an animal to cover their nakedness. From there on the shedding of blood was of prime importance to reconcile sinful men to the perfect God. This was established by him but was not always followed. The sacrifices made by Cain and Abel confirmed the necessity of shed blood. No greater intervention could be made than the shedding of blood because this is the ultimate that could be done. Cain wanted to present plants as a sacrifice, but that was not personal by which to identify himself with God.

Thereafter God through Moses established the sacrifice of animals and the Levitical laws by which his people should live. Through the years the Jewish people sacrificed animals and shed their blood not realizing those brute animals and their blood was representative of what Jesus would do on the cross. The animals were inadequate because they did not have the capability to choose between right and wrong. They did not and could not sin; nor could any live a perfect life without sin. Everything about the blood pointed toward Jesus on the cross.

Jesus was fully human and fully God. This is difficult for most of us to understand. If he was fully one, how could he be fully the other? The answer is simple. His body was truly human. He had all the experiences, distractions, and opportunities through his body. He chose not to do that! His spirit or soul, depending how you want to discuss spiritually, was fully God. The spiritual part of him did not die. The body of Jesus was brutalized and tortured and killed. Thus, his body fulfilled the Mosaic law for the sacrifice once and eternally for the sins of mankind. The plan of salvation was established in the Garden of Eden and fulfilled by Jesus on the cross.

The Old Testament sacrifices were for all that Jews and that is why Jesus said in John 3:16, “whosoever believes in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” This has been God’s plan for us. The question is-will you allow the blood of Jesus on the cross to be your means of eternal salvation? Romans  10:9 says to confess  the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart – you shall be saved. You must live the life that you profess and honor God as verification of your true intent. This is not to fake it until you make it. this is to be genuine and earnest in repentance.

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