The Christian Declaration of Spiritual Freedom

This weekend we are celebrating the day that our nation was born. Our forefathers declared independence from England because of unreasonable taxation, illegal policies, and invasion into their personal home as ordered by King George III. British soldiers were boarded in private homes without permission. Religious oppression and abuse of power occurs routinely. Leaders of the colonies met for months debating their alternatives. It was not their wish to become a sovereign nation. They hoped to negotiate with the king. However, there was no compromise.

Finally, the representatives of the colonies had no choice but to make that fateful decision on July 4, 1776, to declare independence. The Declaration was actually signed by fifty-six men August 2. Edward Rutledge of South Carolina was the youngest signer. He was a mere twenty-six years of age.

In a similar way the Christian can strike no compromise the world forces of evil. The active dedication of believers has declared their own Christian independence. No wonder Jesus said that he makes us free indeed! The liberty we enjoy is both from something and to something.

We have been freed from something thanks to Jesus

  1. We are freed from the dread and fear of death with judgment that would follow
  2. No longer do we have to conform to the Old Testament law by which some would think that we earn our salvation
  3. The failures of our past life are exactly that – they are in the past
  4. According to 2 Timothy 1:7-we are free from a cluttered and confused mind
  5. Redeemed believers no longer are obligated to sin – Romans 6:11-14

We have the liberty to something thanks to Jesus

  1. Children of God have the privilege to promote God’s glory
  2.  It is our opportunity to encourage other believers
  3. In Christ we can have personal spiritual health
  4.  Under the influence of the Holy Spirit, we may become aware of the world’s true state
  5. Living each day for God we can enjoy an attitude of expectation for his return

As you celebrate our nation’s birth, also and more importantly celebrate our spiritual freedom. On this day and all the future days to come we thank Christ for our own spiritual freedom.

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