The End of the World

The end will come! We don’t know how long it will take, but it will come. The world as we know it, will no longer be. Many frightening things will happen at that time. Here is a short composite of what will lead up to the end. Some of these things are already in place.

The Civil War in America taught us something important about the church and the government. Before the states split into North and South, the church is split prior to the war. We are now in the process of the demise of the church. There was a time in which denominations such as Methodist, Presbyterians, and Baptists had an evangelical thrust. An example is the circuit riding preacher. He would go from town to town and settlement to settlement preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. The burden for lost souls has been replaced by the desire for numbers and entertaining programs. One famous preacher has been quoted as saying that he wanted to get the unsaved in the church by any means possible and then get them saved. Many churches have followed this train of thought that is contrary to the commission of Jesus Christ. People coming to God in years past did so as a result of an individual’s testimony. It is highly unlikely that the majority of those sitting in the pews have ever won someone to Christ. This is significant because the major denominations have over several decades been shrinking. Jesus said in Luke 18:9, “when the Son of Man, comes, shall he find faith on the earth?” What a striking question Christ asked of the professing Christians. Why did he ask that? Take his words at face value. He wondered if the church today would be composed of faithful people. I say the answer to this question is probably not. Those that attend church likely do it for the show and not the worship. In fact, observe that in your Sunday services how that everything appeals to emotions. The question for us today is: where is holiness? The world has come into the church instead of the church going into the world. Ladies and gentlemen, the modern church is in big trouble!

What about the world standing of America? When the Antichrist appears in the beginning of the tribulation, either our nation will have by that time become a third world country or it will have adopted the international policy of isolationism. For the latter, that means that America will cut itself off from the rest of the world and only show concern for that which happens within its own borders. The nations around the Mediterranean Sea, where most of the attention of the book of Revelation addresses, will be engulfed in the horrors of the antichrist, the beast, and the false prophet. Wrath of God will rain down on evil. Those nations will also experience that wrath of God for turning from him. Wrath will be demonstrated largely of natural catastrophes. With America not on the world scene, the experiences people undergo on the opposite side of the global will be horrific because they have for decades rejected God. America will be insignificant in the fulfillment of biblical prophecy.

Most people who are familiar with Scripture have concluded that all prophecies have been fulfilled. This is likely so. However, there is one Scripture that stands out. Daniel chapter 11 is highly prophetic for the leading up to the tribulation. There is reference to the countries of the North and the South. A further Bible study will reveal that those nations are Syria and Egypt. It appears that Daniel is trying to tell us that as the tribulation approaches there will be a war between Syria and Egypt the likes of which many will dread. This is not to be confused with the battle of Armageddon in which Christ comes back to earth and fights against all those who serve Satan. This is a literal war between two actual countries. In Daniel 11:40 the prophet says, “And at the time of the end shall the King of the South push at him: and the king of the North, shall come against him like a whirlwind…” The next verse says that many countries shall be overthrown as a result of this war. A few of those named shall escape. In studying the book of Daniel as a whole, I personally believe that the antichrist will come from Syria.

More than two thousand years ago Jesus outlined some signs of the coming end. He likened it to the period in which Abraham lived. His nephew lived in the proximity of Sodom and Gomorrah. The two main pillars of freedom and blessedness are the church and the family. When those two become perverted and deteriorate there is a little left to uphold society. We have already discussed the church and its demise. Jesus and Paul both described the systemic chipping away of these two pillars. Love will just be a word. It will be defined by emotions and physical satisfaction. It will not function under the canopy of God’s intention. Those that we could count on most very likely could betray those living during the tribulation and before. It is not by accident that the word gender takes on a different meaning today. It is not by accident that society has accepted that which is totally contrary to God’s original plan. Many families do not include a father. Other families include same gender “parents.” The family is a reflection of the heavenlies. That is the symbol of Christ’s relationship with the church which is his bride. Without a biblically established family, that reflection and symbol have become null and void. Within the family that is based on the Bible comes forth to be a propagation of more biblical families. In most cases, the instructions and warnings from the Bible are being ignored by society. The legal system has been influenced by social norms while ignoring the original guidance from the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bible.

It is not uncommon for professing Christians to dread the second coming of Christ because his coming will interfere with their future plans of college, home, career, and finances. On the other hand, the professing Christian knows little about the second coming of Christ, nor cares to be informed. They see it as archaic words from naysayers. Ask yourself if you are eager and long for the second coming of Christ. What does that say about your own spiritual condition?

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