The Horror of Government


After watching a documentary on Hitler and the Nazis, I am furious. I am furious about those in governmental power today who are trying to destroy America! People like Bernie Sanders, our so-called president and the mealy mouth in Congress are avowed socialists. He and those like him promise those with half a brain financial heaven. They say that you should be given free this and free that. But at what cost? Work ethic is drifting out to sea. It is difficult to find anyone that will work and be dependable. Instead, it is more beneficial for them to remain leeches on government money.

Anyone who knows about Hitler and his atrocities would admit that the Nazi regime was from the very pits of hell. Look at the pictures of thousands of people piled into mass graves or shoved into gas chambers. Look to see the freedom loving people of Poland and France for how they were treated.

Do you not know that the Nazis were socialists? Have you not put two and two together and discovered the horrific things that happened after the socialists came into power?

That same political attitude is what is being shoved down our throats and kicked into our rears! I know they are promising everything should be free, everything should be wonderful, the government will take care of you. They will take care of you all right. Those monsters that created their hate list want to do the same today.

What kind of a fool are you? They appeal to the college age and the disgruntled and the lazy. My proof is in the pudding located in Seattle. Our nation had riots with the burning of buildings and the killing of innocent people. We have been told that the police should be defunded. Demands have been issued to take guns out of the possession of law-abiding people.

Those from the White House to Congress are preaching a sick rhetoric. Certainly, the prophecy of Isaiah several thousand years ago has come true. He said that right would become wrong and wrong would become right. Where are the prosecutions of the rioters and the killers in Seattle? Can you not see that our government has been taken over by a modern version of Nazis? The FBI is a farce. It is starting to resemble the Nazi brownshirts.

Greed and avarice are the operational method of the stupid. They believe the words of those who would rewrite our history. They topple our monuments. The cowardly in Washington DC stand by hoping to placate these political rats. There is no compromise to be had with those who want to remove our freedoms and redesign America. Their motive is nothing but demonic.

People who would take offense at this article are the ignorant or the militant who refuse to look at history repeating itself being transposed from Germany of the past to the America of the present. Since these creatures have all the authority for lawmaking, all that is left is to mobilize their own personal army against mom-and-pop, against the middle class, and against the greatest economy that ever existed on this planet.

Most people are willfully ignorant. They have not watched the pictures of concentration camps, nor have they made a comparison between the corrosion of a good Germany into a disaster regime. Proper investigation and prosecution are a farce against those who support the turmoil with a desire to bring America down. Where is the anger of the silent majority? How long must we endure the rusting away of the good and proper until it’s too late?!

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