Crazy idea

Just think how much money government and private industry is spending to reach into farthest space hoping to contact aliens. Some people spend their day trying to listen for a strange beep or a sound that they might declare from some distant planet.

Why is all this a crazy idea? First, a disclaimer: I am not talking about the benefits we have gained from astronauts and their skills. We have tools and other items now common to use, but what was once for the needs of these brave individuals.

As previously said, so much money is spent for what? Could not that money be better spent for earthlings? Humans already have a litany of causes that would greatly benefit from a new source of income.

The craziest part of all this is the hope to actually make contact. I don’t believe there are other humanoids elsewhere out there. For the sake of argument, what if there would be creatures that might pick up on our signals? What if they are an advanced society? What if they could find a way to come to earth?

It, at best, ,is a 50/50 chance they would be friendly. Is it not crazy to reach out to some creatures, tell them where we are on earth, and they come to kills us. It could be a real life Independence Day happening!

What a prime example of a Bible scripture in Genesis 11:6. This verse is God’s response to the people that built the Tower of Babel in an effort to reach into the heavens. What is the difference? Man will imagine it and try to do it, not considering if it is a good idea.

This is another example of science gone wild!!!

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