Evidence for a Race BEFORE Adam

Science and religion have not come to terms for how the existence of all things that came to be. They mock each other. In most cases neither has any answers. In part, the information in this blog is drawn from the writings of Finis Jennings Dake. He was a renowned scholar and minister.

The struggle for understanding about creation requires a deeper understanding of Scripture. Such things as the missing link, the existence of demons, details about angels, and the discovery of fossils indicating that there were dinosaurs can be understood and placed in some logical and biblical sequence.

Genesis 1:1 says that God is the creator, but something must have happened between verse one and verse two. We are told that God created. We are also told that the earth was void and dark. These two verses do not seem to reconcile to each other. First chapter of the Gospel of John says that the word of God is responsible for the creation and that word became flesh as Jesus Christ. Job chapter 38 is God’s response to this righteous man declaring that the Almighty made everything come to be that now is. There seems to be no argument that God created.

How is it that the light of distant stars could take a million years to reach earth? This scientific fact could help us to understand verse one. In some distant past God created the universe, stars, planets and all that is in outer space. The stage is now set in verse one: creation came into existence including dinosaurs.

Then verse two seems to blow everything into an opposite stage. God created and then the world was a mess. The natural question is to ask how this terrible thing happened. Who or what is responsible? What circumstances brought it about? The answer lies in the heavenly’s.

In Isaiah chapter 14 God says that Lucifer, also known as Satan, was in heaven and because of his rebellion against God, was cast out to the earth. Likewise, a certain group of angels rebelled. They have been reserved in everlasting chains until God’s judgment. This is supported by the second chapter of Peter in which verse four says these rebellious angels were cast down to hell.

It is interesting that the Greek word for hell in this verse is only mentioned this one time. That Greek word is Tartarus. It must be a special compartment reserved for fallen Angels. The verse does not say that some of them were cast down or a few of them were cast down or that any of them had a means by which they could escape.

It is commonly held that demons are fallen angels. This cannot be according to the verses previously cited. Jesus believed in demons and cast them out of a man gone mad in Luke chapter 12. Observe that these demons sought to enter a herd of swine so that they might have some form of embodiment.

Go back to verse one of Genesis. God made a creation including the distant stars whose light would take a million years to come to earth. Genesis 1:28 offers further understanding. God said to Adam that he was to replenish the earth. The Hebrew word translated replenish can also mean to fill again or refill. God did not say to fill, he said to refill. In Genesis 9:1 this same word is used when God instructed Noah. He was to replenish or refill the earth after the flood.

In Genesis 8:21 God said he would not curse the ground even though he knew man’s heart was evil and that he would not smite anymore anything living as He had done. This means that God did smite before Noah and that the covenant with Noah included God’s promise not to repeat such a thing. In the case of Noah, destruction came as a flood. In the case of Genesis 1:1, 2 – the earth was covered with water. It took God’s spirit to correct the condition of the earth and proceed to the creation of Adam.

Since God told Adam to replenish in the same way he told Noah to replenish, there must have been a race that existed at the creation of verse one.

To keep ourselves on the same track as we consider these thoughts, we shall review. God made a creation which included distant stars and planets. In that creation was a race of individuals that lived on the earth. Satan and certain angels rebelled against God. Satan was cast to the earth and the fallen Angels were bound by chains and imprisoned in Tartarus.

When Satan fell to earth it is logical that he polluted the thinking of the race of individuals that currently lived on this planet and they too did not want to serve God.

Call those creatures cavemen or prehistoric, if you wish Without light and dry land on which to live and without vegetation, they died. The earth became void and without form covered by water. There was no heaven for them, and they were not sent to hell at that time. Their spirits became disembodied. These are what I believe are demons. Again, recall that the demons that Jesus cast out sought to be in a body even if it was an animal.

Those who know Jesus Christ as Savior cannot be demon possessed because they are possessed by the spirit of God. However, they can be oppressed by evil forces. Many believers have had evil and difficulties come into their lives.

Those who do not know Jesus as their Savior are subject to demons should they seek to be engulfed in evil. Their desire is to reject God permanently and fill their hearts and thinking with corruption and rebellion. This makes a way for the possibility of possession.

Those who claim they can cast out demons should be careful. They could be subjecting themselves to the influence of evil that could pervert their lives, distort their joy, and derail ambitions.

The real purpose of this blog is not to demand that there was a race before Adam, which is very possible. Instead, the purpose is for us all to beware of evil, to avoid it and to recognize God does judge evil. This judgment might occur at the end of a person’s life in which they stand before God and say they were good people, but they never accepted Christ as Savior. Then Jesus will be forced to say department for me for I never knew you. It makes common sense for everyone to ask God’s forgiveness of their sins and ask him to be the Savior and ask his Holy Spirit’s help to live a righteous life. 

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