Vietnam again but MUCH MUCH worse!

Tragically, there are great similarities between the Vietnam War and our fighting in Afghanistan. The communist Vietnamese wanted their own local government to rule even though we did not agree. They were in a terrain that was very difficult to conduct battles. We were on their turf which meant our soldiers and supplies had to be brought to the war. People were frantic to leave Vietnam for fear of the Communists when President Ford declared an end to the war.

BUT that is where the similarity ends! There was no plan to pull out of Afghanistan. It was a spontaneous decision by an incompetent commander-in-chief. Hopefully, our Americans will all be able to leave as of tomorrow. We also seek to extricate those locals that have been supportive of our efforts. However, there is no plan or means to verify if those locals boarding our planes are truly friendly or are they terrorists in disguise. Even one dozen terrorists mixed in with the fleeing group can wreak havoc once they are here.

Because there was no plan, the president gave a mighty powerful and expensive gift to the enemies. We left behind equipment, supplies, vehicles, ammunition, and airplanes plus who knows whatever else that can be used against our shores. Whereas it was questionable if the enemy had sufficient armament while we fought them, we now know they sure do. The Vietnamese had no desire to bring terror to the United States. The Afghanistan terrorists have a long-awaited ambition to bring destruction and death to our people. This is because of the inept president and his “yes-men” generals in the Pentagon. We have no upper echelon of generals on which we can rely.

Since the enemy has been left loose and are now equipped with our instruments of warfare, it is not a matter of IF we will be attacked and how, but WHEN. If a multitude of these terrorists are brought by US planes to our soil and terrorist easily go across the southern border, there will not be a few to fly planes into a tower. It will be many that will attack us in many ways. Now that they have rockets, they can strike us anywhere.

Are there any Democrats and, for that matter, any Republicans that can stand up against the terrorist friendly leadership we have in the White House, Congress, and the Pentagon? How far will this go until enough people with enough authority under their belts can strike back in our favor politically or otherwise? At this point we seem helpless and are just waiting for our Taliban and Isis enemies to deliver a kiss of death.

We have witnessed treason, constitutional betrayal, ineptitude, and a conclusion of those people during several presidential terms that have built up in our political and military system a means to destroy America. If this is not so, we have witnessed the most stupid and ignorant people that could ever be in office. When the opportunity presents itself, sane and loyal and politically devout citizens cannot waste this chance to regain what America once was!

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