by Chaplain Lt, Col. James Bradfield, 178W OHANG, retired

(On the occasion of the first remembrance of 9/11 attack)

O praise the Lord of the bustling streets of New York,

Praise Him in the forests of Pennsylvania,

Praise God among the buildings of Washington DC.

Again, I say praise ye the Lord.

For God is He who would guide our thoughts;

It is He who would ease our sadness;

The Lord does give us his Spirit of Comfort,

And by Him do we heal and gather ourselves together.

The God of forgiven saints will show us the path of victory.

It is He that will remain our national fortitude.

The Lord of love will give us a new direction and purpose;

God be praised for true victory of peace is His.

O praise the Lord from the seashore and from lake fronts;

Praise Him all you people in malls, and stores, and parks.

Praise God for hope that is already ours;

Let all the people of the nation praise Him,

Again I say, praise God!

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