Fight the good fight

There was a man who found it necessary to take a stand for his convictions. It cost him dearly. History tells us that, because he was unwilling to surrender to social pressure, he either was unable to marry and have a family or lost his family as a result of its dedication.

He had many talents, was well educated, and was very successful in his career. But that did not make a difference. His blood was spilled more than once. He was imprisoned under circumstances like that of a POW. He eventually paid the ultimate price. He was willing to sacrifice all to do the right thing. Today most Christians know him as St. Paul.

At this time and under the difficult circumstances that exist throughout the world, people have suffered financial loss, physical afflictions, and some have lost their family. All of this was because they were willing to wear the uniform of conviction. They swore allegiance to the Almighty God, not knowing at that time how high the cost would be or to what extremes they may face.

While we all try to put our lives back together in whatever degree we can, let us recall the words of Paul. He said, “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the course, I have kept the faith.” No matter what the circumstances keep the faith and stay loyal to Christ. You will have done the right thing. Thank you. God bless you! Keep fighting until you have finished your course.

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