Consider the Obvious About Biden

Consider the obvious about Biden and the communist Democratic Party. What is their plan and what it their means to implement further evil on the American people? Do not think their doings are miscellaneous events. Follow their steps in the mud of treason.

Let us first consider their ultimate goal. They truly do want to change the identity of the United States of America. We have been a freedom loving people always striving for the American dream. It has been our conviction that hard work and honesty will result in a better way of life for ourselves and our children. This is no longer the case of those who are now in charge of all three branches of government. They want to follow the way of Nicaragua, Chile, Cuba, Russia and North Korea. They want to change the USA to have an elitist ruling class and not a democracy.

Their first step was to eliminate in various ways those individuals that knew too much. Some of them simply disappeared. The death of others was disguised as a suicide. Those who live too public of a life were politically attacked with every intent to personally humiliate them. Recall how the first assault against President Trump was that he had a bad haircut. Do not snicker at what I am telling you. From the very beginning they tried to make him look foolish and ineffective.

Attacks on him increasingly became more vicious. Ultimately, they tried to remove him from office twice. After leaving office, his dignity was attacked by alleging he instigated a riot on the Capital Building. There was even talk of impeaching him after he left office. They wanted to do everything possible so that he could not run for a federal position again. Thank God they failed.

They exacerbated the COVID-19 situation so much that the general public became confused. It is true there is such a virus because I had it myself. The idea of a 3-foot square piece of plexiglass between me and a clerk doing business was demanded even though the air floats around it and does not recognize the plexiglass. The idea of wearing a face shield is also ridiculous because a person’s breath can migrate under the shield. So why use this virus demand on people? The end result is to prove the general population will at some point buckle under the control of those in charge. We do need to take care and protect ourselves, but it must be done on a voluntary basis and not create an environment in which people could lose their jobs.

At no point has there been a means to call these elitists people to give account for themselves. This goes back to the crimes and treason committed by the Clintons and Obama. It makes me wonder why such people as Bush who was advertised as a righteous and Christian man declared his support for Biden. The ethics and political stance of Biden are nowhere compatible with the teachings of the Bible.

The last presidential election still remains in question whether or not Biden should be in the White House. Nevertheless, there he is. Ask yourself what is their current plan for him to be reelected. The answer is simple. He does not care if people are tested or inoculated against the virus. If he did, those illegally coming over the border would have someone waiting there to test them and verify their legitimacy to cross into our country. There is a movement in various parts of America to grant voting rights to these thousands of people that should not be in our country in the first place.

Think about it! Biden is stacking the deck by bringing these people into America knowing that if they could vote they would vote for him out of appreciation and allegiance. If this is not the case, what is his reasoning for this nonsensical breaking of our laws? In my opinion, he gained the presidency by illegal means. He is now looking toward the 2024 presidential election so that these many thousands of people scattered throughout the country would be his guarantee for his reelection. He has done so much damage already. It is frightening to think what damage he could ultimately do were he to remain in the White House for a full eight years.

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