A Brave Nurse – We Cannot Afford to Loose Them!

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Whitney Nicholson

September 24 at 9:36 PM  · Today I walked out of my job that I was a RN at for over 7 years. A place where my coworkers and my patients were literally an extension of my family. A place I thought I would be at for the rest of my nursing career. It’s a bittersweet moment. A month ago, I was forced to make a decision that I wasn’t okay with making from a company that was willing to lose over half its employees over. For over ten years I have fought for my health, monitored EVERYTHING that I put in my mouth, what touched my skin, etc because I have suffered so much in the past. My health has been an ongoing journey for me. I have had to constantly rely on the GREAT Physician with all my steps and decisions because honestly earthly physicians couldn’t give me answers or relief. I’ve trusted the Father for years with my health and He’s led me into decisions that have given me healing. He’s always been the voice of protection in every little detail of my life. I’ve learned that HIS voice had to be the one I went to and relied on FIRST over anything else. If I didn’t stop turning to Him in all my decisions in the past, I sure as heck won’t stop now. I firmly believe this decision is what the Lord has led me into and I’m going to stand confident in that obedience. He WILL see me through and all those around me as well. When all other voices tell me I’m selfish, it doesn’t matter because I have the ONE voice that leads me into HIS identity. I trust Him. Those around me know who I really am and the care I put into their lives and that’s all that matters. The other voices weren’t in those moments with just me, my patients and God. They didn’t see everything I have done and continue to do. That’s okay, God knows. The people who I encounter know. The other voices weren’t with me in the moments of my suffering after autoimmune reactions. The moments I couldn’t move in bed Bc of previous reactions to things I was given or exposed to. That’s okay, my Father was. The other voices weren’t there when I watched other people suffer and cry and I sat there for hours helping them cope. That’s okay, He was. Jesus is the ONE voice that leads me and helps me stand and the people I encounter in my everyday life I pray will see that when I love them wholeheartedly in everything that I do. When the Lord leads you into a decision, don’t think He won’t see you through. It’s all in His perfect timing. When I got faced with a decision I wasn’t okay with making, I didn’t have an ounce of worry about job stability. I had an overwhelming sense of peace come over me. He was that Peace. Here I am, half my income, a new house note, every bit of me should have worried, but I didn’t. Little did I know He would provide me with a job 24hr later totally orchestrated in the perfect web of design for the desires of my heart. Working for a place who respects my decisions and supports them.Things of this world can seem scary, but when you trust the ONE voice that matters, that peace will be your strength to stand. These two scriptures have been an anchor for me in the last few months…“But we do not belong to those who shrink back and are destroyed, but to those who have faith and are saved.”“Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, ‘This is the way; walk in it.’”Trust the Father in this season. His voice is the one we should be seeking, Bc when you seek Him, everything you need will follow….healing, protection, hope, joy, peace, stability, provision….

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