Marks of a True Leader

At the death of Moses, the duty to lead the Israelites into the promised land fell on Joshua. Already in the book by his name we have a description of a true leader. In 3:1 the Bible says a leader rose up early. Anyone who would be at the head of the helm cannot be lax in coming to his duties. In that same verse, Joshua left the land where they were, and the Bible says they remove themselves to come to Jordan. He took all the people with him and there they lodged preparing to go over the river Jordan to claim the promise land. A real leader will step forward, leading others to something better.

In verse three is an example of what the people should expect. The officers who were under the leadership of Joshua made commands of the people. Those commands were positive and probably exciting. They were told when they saw the ark of the covenant, and the priest who carried it, they should follow. Those who lead the must know what they are doing and have convictions about it. They must function in their position that God has assigned them and being an encouragement to others to go.

This chapter is not just for reading, it is an action chapter. It is when God’s people stepped forward and acted in obedience and fellowship. For them God lead, and they followed.

Whether it be leader or follower, all must be convinced of a way where there is divine guidance. To have that divine guidance, verse five says that they must sanctify themselves to be able see the wonders of God. It is not just to say God showed me. It is that I have been sanctified myself and am ready to see God’s wonders.

In verse seven God spoke to Joshua. A spiritual leader must be in dialogue with God. A spiritual leader does with God says. Spiritual leaders sometimes come to a place in which he does not know what will happen, but God will guide and part the waters. The waters did not part until he stepped forward. We want God to part the waters while we sit in our recliners and watch TV. The Jordan water is persistent against those who would pass over. It is not persistent when God tells his people to go forward.

Here is an example of a Bible study that outlines one of the most remarkable events in the Old Testament. It also is the beginning of a new phase for the Israelites. They came to claim their God-given land. Ever since this happened, others have disputed the Jews as owners of the land. Yet, who can dispute against God?

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