Can You Be Personal With God?

Who does not have a need? Is there any that can say I am complete in myself? Who is totally satisfied with their life? Is there anyone who can offer perfect direction to walk a further path? Will anyone be able to say that they have no concerns? Is there someone that has not been mistreated by the world? Would anyone be able to say they have genuine and absolute trust in God? Can someone be honest to say they have doubts? Let there be a person that has all the answers to life and is willing to share that with others.

It is doubtful that anyone can answer they have a handle to all of the above questions!

Each of us are an island to ourselves. Each of us are like the story of Robinson Crusoe alone and shipwrecked with little hope. There may be temporary support or distractions, but for all of us in some way there is something missing.

We will never, ever arrive to a perfect state on this earth or have complete satisfaction with our lives. We live in a troubled world. Sometimes we trouble our own world ourselves. Sometimes other people and circumstances bring great tsunamis upon us. It could be called a picture that we all are hanging on the best we can.

The response to our longings and our turmoil is not a single ticket to a mental or spiritual state where we suddenly arrive. Instead, there are many stops along the way. There are many jerks and jostles to experience. But these are part of our growth and our realization of God present and loving outreach to us. Like Jacob’s ladder in the Old Testament, we must climb rung by rung until we are better and know more than before. It is a challenge that we all must face to mature in the presence of God and enjoy his blessing.

Part of the strengthening and realization of who we are and who God is includes an element of trust levied against the Almighty Creator. Our personal response to the world and to evil around us must be a grasping and incorporating the mightiness of the creator into our thinking. To envelop a broader picture of God’s working means to truly believe that he is all-powerful, all loving, and completely dependable.

Recall God’s track record in your life. Look not at the negative but the positive that he has blessed you with. See how God did actually answer a prayer.  Remember those past times when you needed him and in some way, he answered you by a very sufficient response even though it might have been small. Start with the fact that he spoke all of creation into existence from nothingness. Observe the beauty that he provided you. Listen to the tunes of nature. See how everything is spinning in the proper order so that nothing is amiss.

Obligate yourself to answer that God never makes a mistake. Linger on the provisions he is giving you. Hover over the gloriousness that is his. Be amazed at God. Be joyful that he loves you. Step away from your neediness and all of the above hurts we have mentioned. Instead, dwell on who God is. Then when you are convinced of the godness of God, encourage yourself to trust him.

It is only when we see God in all his wonder that we can turn to ourselves and decide to trust him. Yes, trust is a decision, not an emotion. Trust is when we take everything into account and logically conclude that this is the best thing to do. We trust God because he is trustworthy. We step into the realm of not believing about God but believing God. Our decision to trust is an opportunity for God to work in our lives like never before. Our amazement of him initiates a new kind of trust on a spiritual level. It is personal and one to one. Looking at our lives after looking at him will make all the difference in the world to how we experience each day and each hour. Will you honor him and worship him so that you can then trust him?

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