What Political Party Did the MOST to Eliminate Discrimination?

In the mid-1700s the residents of the American colonies numbered 1 ½ million people. They became accustomed to governing themselves for local matters and still be British citizens. The standard of living was the best and the highest in the world. However, Britain found itself on financial hard times after war with France. They tried to get the colonists to contribute to these expenses and they refused. This led to a series of tightening control by the king. Various taxes were passed, and soldiers were quartered in the homes of the colonists against their will.

In the summer of 1776 one third of the colonists were still loyal to the King even though they continued to experience unfair treatment which brought more and more anger with open talk of rebellion. In fact, some spotty fighting had already taken place. Delegates of the colonies gathered for a meeting of the Continental Congress in Philadelphia. A Declaration of Independence would be dangerous and costly, especially to those that signed the paper. Some of them lost their wealth and even their lives for signing this paper. They chose Thomas Jefferson to write the rough draft. Later Benjamin Franklin and John Adams would edit it to become the present approved state.

July 2 vote was taken for independence. July 4 the Continental Congress approved the document. The Declaration of Independence contains 27 complaints against the king as cause for the departure from Britain. The kingdom of Morocco was the first nation to recognize the sovereignty of the United States of America.

During this time many sermons were preached about the times that we would call living during a wicked and perverse nation. Thomas Paine published a pamphlet called, “Common Sense.” Sense those early beginnings America has been a light to all the world.

The Revolutionary war lasted from 1776 to 1783 with the signing of the Treaty of Paris. George Washington was a great general that led to this victory. It only made sense that he would be the first president. He would only take the job if they referred to him as president and not king, as some preferred. He also refused to accept any salary.

Then came the time for the creation of the Constitution. The Federalist party at that time wanted a strong centralized government. The anti-Federalist party led by Thomas Jefferson wanted a loose government with the power primarily to the states. This disagreement eventually led to become the cause for the Civil War.

Today the Republican Party traces its history back to Thomas Jefferson. In 1800 the Republican Party was considered the party of liberalism because they wanted to slice the national debt, national defense expenses, and the National Bank. The Republican Party was opposed to slavery. It is interesting that today most Blacks favor the Democratic Party when the truth is the Republican Party passed most of the laws against discrimination.

The leader of the Republican Party was Abraham Lincoln and he made these things happen. In the late 1700s the Federalist party pushed for a strong central government that appealed to city dwellers. Even from those times Baptist opposed the idea for the government to be strong. The Federalist party is a forerunner of the present date Democratic Party.

Today we hear people speaking of being progressive. That is a cliché used by the Democratic Party to favor strong centralized government with significant taxation. Also, progressive means that their interpretation and understanding of the Constitution was that it should be seen as a fluid document, meaning that it could have various interpretations and could easily be changed to social whims of the party and the people. Those who were not progressive in their ideology considered the Constitution a static document which means it is to be taken directly as written originally. It is not to be reinterpreted by judges or other politicians. Today this is one of the biggest struggles and one of the things that most citizens do not understand.

In the 1700s the rest of the world was also in a time of discontent and that included a revolution in France against their king who had his head removed. With this history lesson we can see that our country was founded at a time of international discontent.

Whatever time of history is selected Christians have found themselves living in a crooked and perverse nation. The only answer was and still is that we be the light of the world and faithful to Christ. Many there are that would snuff that light out. Many there are today that have their own tactics to oppose the light of Jesus Christ. Listen and learn what they do and how we can respond. In the same way the colonists formed the sons of liberty so should we be similar respondents to evil and ill will.

Understand the ways of the world: Isaiah 5:20-23 says that good and evil will be reversed. The ways of the world mean that people are wise in their own eyes. They seek conformity by using laws and schools to their own end. They deny and whitewash the reality of history.

See those who stand forth as the light of the world through Jesus Christ: they know the facts and confront lies told to their children. They pray for those that have rule over them. They seek to be a decent and orderly people. And most importantly they discard the ways of the world.

History is boring to some people. Yet, those who refuse to learn from history are bound to repeat his tragedies. In a very similar way, what was happening during the time of the Declaration of Independence, so is our society today and our confusion as a nation. Man’s wisdom is declared to be higher than God’s. Man’s desire is to seek the carnal and natural way, but God says we are to seek him and be spiritual people. Let us be strong and faithful and true. Let us reject the ways of the world and declare our independence from the chains that bind us!

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