Today is December 7 – a Day of Infamy

When President Roosevelt appeared before Congress, he said that December 7 was a date to go down in history as the “day of infamy.” This was the result of Japan’s surprise attack on Pearl Harbor. Many, many good and loyal members of the military lost their lives in a very short time. That was eighty years ago. American citizens do not remember that day because they were not born then. It was a time that changed history. It was a time in which the United States entered World War 11.

It is a day marked on our calendars, but it is unlikely that most people will pay much attention to it. Nonetheless, we should all pause to remember how people across our continent rallied to support the defense of our country. It has been told that a Japanese Admiral said, “I fear we have awakened a sleeping giant.” Whether that happened or not, it was true for the loyalty, strength, dedication, and tenacity of what made up America.

I wish to emphasize a couple of very valuable points for this day.

The reason the island of Japan wanted war was because they had very little natural resources. Prior to Pearl Harbor, they instigated a war with China for the same reason. They coveted what other countries had and they did not.

It all boils down to the Ten Commandments. One of which said, “Thou shalt not covet.” How devastating this war with Japan was! But to covet what a neighbor has can be greatly devastating no matter what the year and circumstances happen to be. It is plain that God said not to covet because it will lead to things happening in our lives that are terrible. Whether it be our country, or a neighbor covetousness cannot be allowed in our hearts and minds. We can covet the success of another person, we can covet that person’s possessions, we can covet that person’s spouse or children, we can covet even the self-confidence that another person has.

The reality is that if a person covets, they are actually seeing themselves less than the other person. The covetous individual confirms they are inferior in  some way. They lacked something in their lives. They forget to rely on God to provide. They ignore positive ways to gain solutions for their inferiority and their lack.

Another point I would like to make is quite different. I wonder with the current political state of our nation if we could respond strongly to an attack of some sort as we did eighty years ago. Our system of government is broken. We are in a state of confusion. Citizens are angry. The value of human life is no longer what it used to be. There is no concern for our standing in the world platform. For centuries we were the country that set the pace for what national life should be. Our private citizens have no idea and can plan no expectation for their immediate future because so much is in turmoil beginning at our nation’s capital. We do not have the military or presidential or congressional leadership that would take us to a place of victory over an invasion.

Legally and by the Constitution our country is being invaded, attacked by those allowed to swarm across our southern border bringing disease, crime, and a toll on our medical and social situation. I look forward to the time God will answer our prayers and take down the enemies who stand in the position of government leadership. I pray that God will heal our country.

As in the aftermath of the Pearl Harbor attack when each citizen rallied to the need, today’s citizens must and I emphasize the word must, first get right with God and do the necessary response to the corruption that is trying everything possible to destroy our democracy.

Today remember Pearl Harbor. We must not forget the meaning of what happened that day. We must honor those that lost their lives then and later lost their lives in the battlefield and those who braved that battlefield and were fortunate enough to return. Certainly, they did not return whole as they were before they left. They were branded with posttraumatic stress syndrome that was then called battle fatigue. They had nightmares when they came home. They had to rely on their family to nurse their wounds. Even by coming back, the war was still in their minds.

Throughout this day think of the significance for how America was affected after the attack. Throughout this day think of how our great land is being attacked by political traitors. Don’t let this day go by without uttering a prayer of thanks for our grandfather’s and father’s. Don’t let this day go by without uttering a prayer for God’s forgiveness of what we have allowed America to become. We must plead God’s mercy. Each and every one of us must re-examine our spiritual condition and our attitudes. We cannot tolerate ignoring Pearl Harbor. We cannot ignore the corruptions, riots, and internal corrosion we are currently experiencing!

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