Christian New Year Resolutions

It is a long-standing tradition for people to make a New Year’s resolution. I propose that we take that idea and make resolutions for Christians. Here is a suggested list. Make changes to them as you wish.

Be more consistent and dedicated

Allow the Holy Spirit to have more influence in my daily life

Be a channel of God to reach others

Be less timid while witnessing for Christ

Allow God to sanctify me by showing me the sins that I need to confess but overlooked

Honor God with all my thoughts

Listen closely to what the Holy Spirit says to my heart

Be aware of what is spiritually healthy and what is not healthy for me

Be more caring and kinder

Read at least ten verses of the Bible every day

These are suggestions that you could use. Make up your own list as you wish. The important thing is that we as Christians be more earnest. We must set aside the trite things like losing weight or making more money or getting a better job. Instead, we should substitute and follow what would be more effective to ourselves and others.

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