To Kill a BaBy

January is the traditional month to honor the sanctity of human life for pre-born people. It is to seek the preservation of their lives. This is especially important now. The United States Supreme Court is presently considering the matter of abortion on demand as it reviews the Mississippi law which forbids the procedure. There are countries around the world that promote abortion as a means of population control. In America, we cannot allow ourselves to be associated with this monstrous act.

The big question that always lingers about abortion is WHEN IS “IT” A PERSON? If it is just a piece of flesh, then there is no issue, is there? However, there is now medical evidence that supports the biblical position which says there is a real human being in the womb of the mother. In other words, the doctor that is performing an abortion is killing a person! In Luke 1: 41, 44 the Greek word is child as elsewhere mentioned having been born.

The purpose of this article is not to demonstrate a political issue or women’s rights. This is not liberal versus conservative. This is a moral and scriptural concern that should be adopted by all Christians. Before we proceed, we must be careful to not be judgmental of those women that have had an abortion. It is the responsibility of the church to love and support those women after the fact for what they are experiencing later.

We are going to examine information and consequences that is common knowledge in the scientific field. Abortion is not a disease nor is it an accident. It is a deliberate act that is 100% preventable. The baby, the parents, and society in general are victims. Today because life is not respected as much as it used to be, there are many stories of women who discarded their baby in the trash immediately after birth. Planned Parenthood is given millions of dollars in the federal budget: your tax dollars! The abortion industry is a money making industry, not to help people plan better family life. Those who are pro-life get nothing from the government. Their only income is from donations.

When we read the Bible, we are appalled at the horrors levied on infants. In an attempt to preserve his royal authority, King Herod issued an edict that all children two years and under should be murdered. This was his effort to kill the baby Jesus. In the Old Testament, babies were sacrificed to idols. Some of them were stabbed some of them were thrown into fire to appease something that was nothing more than stone or wood or metal. From ancient times babies and pre-born people suffered by the hands of those that were misdirected or maybe just flat evil.

What is commonly called the fetus is actually the first developmental stage of the human. It is the stage of life in which there is age, development, and physical changes. It is the beginning of the stages of life in which a person goes from pre-born to infant to child to teenager to young adult to middle-aged adult to senior adult. The side effect throughout society of abortion is that another person’s life is not as important as it once used to be. The act of murder of a pre-born person carries over to multiple murders every day throughout the United States. People do not respect each other as much as they should to be a civilized community. Miscellaneous and drive-by shootings are on evolutionary consequence of a diluted conscience. We have other legal restrictions on people such as seatbelts, suicide, taking drugs, selling drugs, assault. It only makes sense to have a restriction on killing pre-born people.

The tactics of those who are proponents of abortion are many. They do not tell the female that they cut the baby in pieces to remove it from the womb or how they use chemicals or how they coat the baby in salt or how they use suctions to remove the baby. They do not say they sell parts of the baby in the name of science. Their response to those who disagree with abortion is to out shout them. They put themselves forward as victims of the pro-life campaign. They ignore the logical argument by changing the subject. They say it is a matter of personal rights, yet the father and the baby have no rights. They use vague terms such as health of the woman while failing to admit this includes something like an inconvenience for vacation or job or school.

Those who favor abortion stand firmly in favor of animal rights, the anti-death penalty and global warming. Abortion is a form of Holocaust like that which Hitler did with the Jews. It is used for gender selection or to enhance social standing. Stalin, Hitler, Mao were responsible for the deaths of at least eighty five million people. Yet the death of pre-born people approaches many more million. Let us be clear. 92% of all abortions are NOT done because the baby is imperfect. It is a healthy individual ready to step into this world! Let me offer you some more statistics which by now may be inaccurate because each day circumstances increase the statistics. 25% of the women want to postpone childbearing. 22% of the women say they cannot afford a baby. 14% of the females were involved in a relationship that was troublesome and do not want to be pregnant. 11% will disrupt education or job. 8% of the female say they no longer want more children.

There is an old song whose lyrics say, “I should have danced all night.” In the case of abortion, the woman has the option to prevent pregnancy. All of the above statistics are not relevant because they are necessary. If the woman did not get pregnant there would be no abortion! Then by getting pregnant she takes her ignorance, laziness, and ecstasy of the moment out on someone else that is developing within her womb.

The number of women that annually experience physical complications are at least two hundred thousand. After the abortion women are five times more likely to report substance abuse. A high level of emotional distress is experienced by the woman to the tune of 60%. Even the baseline of 30% indicates that the woman who has an abortion would suffer emotional consequences. Statistics show that women who have abortions are three times higher to commit suicide. It is just as likely when a woman has complications of an abortion, she does not get adequate medical care afterwards at a hospital because the abortion doctor is unable to help them. An abortion clinic is not a hospital nor is it equipped to handle the bazaar results a woman may experience.

You may challenge what I say.  That is your right to have your opinion. My response is to ask on what do you base your opinion? Keep in mind one thing. After only week five, the baby has a heartbeat and can be seen on ultrasound. Pre-born babies have been seen sucking their thumbs. The active response of the church in our nation for those who have had abortion should be repentance on the part of the woman and on the part of all society for creating an environment of murder.

I encourage you to pray that the Supreme Court will rule in favor of pro-life and begin the end of abortion on demand. Do you know that even when a baby is born alive, an abortionist doctor might set the baby aside to die for the lack of water and food? Where is the conscience of America? The leaders of our nation have failed miserably to protect the lives of all the citizens including pre-born people. It is time way overdue that we put a stop to this craziness. We cannot allow our modern-day holocausts to continue.

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