Expose’ of God’s Love

The search for an understanding of God’s love has existed for centuries. When Jesus uttered the immortal words of John 3: 16, “For God so loved the world….” Christianity has been set apart from all other religions or philosophies. He who created everything has an undeniable telescopic focus on each human being out of love. This is so difficult for us to comprehend. Perhaps it would be better to break down the issue into more palatable terms.

We are bound to agree and assert that the best of us in no way demonstrates perfection or quality of spirit. There is something wrong with each of us in character and deed. Some try harder than others to be a good person. Whatever the exerted efforts might be, we still have something negative about ourselves that will periodically spring forth.

Applicable knowledge about God must first began with the word absolute. For any quality, God is absolute. God has no flaws. God does not second guess himself. God needs no advisors or for anyone to rescue him. All that there is of our best far more inferior to God. God does not need us; but he wants us for fellowship and to be the ones that he might give his blessings.

Common sense and logic would dictate that mankind and God are incompatible. Why would His Majesty love us?

This is the important part of the exposé. God has no driving force to love us other than who he actually is. Since God is absolute in everything, he is absolute in love also.

God does not love us because it gives him a warm and fuzzy feeling. He does not love us with ulterior motives. He does not love us for the purpose of manipulating us. God loves us because he is the absolute of what love is!

Here is the main point of this exposé. God’s love is a decision. It is a decision regardless of who or what we are, of our standing in society or lack thereof. In other words, God decided to love you and me. Knowing our shortcomings and inabilities, he determined within himself to love us. That is why it became so necessary for Jesus to die as a result of Who God Is!

God’s decision is totally independent of emotions.  God’s decision cannot be subject to outside influence. God’s decision is irrevocable. God’s decision has no higher authority. There are no criteria that God needs to consider so that he might love us. And this extends to everyone. God loves because God is love.

No wonder in the Old Testament when the Israelites betrayed God by worshiping false idols, God became jealous and angry. Their rejection of him was a rejection of his very nature and the love he extends to each and every person throughout the ages. This is also the reason why our sins are covered by the blood of Jesus Christ who is the beloved son that the father sent to die on a cross for our redemption.

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